What causes a riding lawn mower to cut unevenly? How to fix it?

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Uneven cutting is a common problem. In most cases, it comes from malfunction or operation. It’s a visible problem. You can identify the problem easily by looking at the lawn. If the lawn is not in the same condition, you catch the problem.

Do you know what causes a riding lawn mower to cut unevenly? If not, this article will be informative for you.

What causes a riding lawnmower to cut uneven – Frequent reasons

what causes a riding lawn mower to cut uneven

Let’s go through the common reasons. A simple problem such as a flat tire can affect the lawnmower’s performance. Check the below parts first if the lawnmower is cut unevenly:

#1: The pressure of the four tires

Although it is an Under-inflating or over-inflating tire. You will have some difficulties riding the lawnmower. Moreover, if the four tires aren’t under pressure, the seat will be uneven. That led to a mower wobbling. 

And as a result, the lawnmower cut unevenly. That can annoy you so much.

The remedy for you:

  • Use the pressure meter to check the pressure in the four tires. 
  • If they aren’t in the same pressure, pump the tires to adjust them.
  • If there is a worn tire, you should replace it. This helps enhance the performance immediately. Further reading: A complete guide to change lawn mower tire

#2: The deck isn’t in the right position

Although you have adjusted the mower deck level before, some reasons can disturb the level:

  • The deck hit the bumps or the stones. Then it is disturbed little by little. Therefore, after mowing, you should adjust it.
  • You forget to adjust the deck after doing the maintenance or replacing new blades.

The remedy for you:

  • Use a distance meter to measure the height of the deck. 
  • Look for the deck adjusting guide in the maintenance book.
  • Adjust the front and rear blades following the book.
  • Do some more measurements if it’s necessary. 

#3: The mower deck stuck

After a few days of working without cleaning the deck, it can get stuck. Under the blade, you can see the building up of the debris. At this time, the blade can’t move freely. That can lead to uneven performance.

The remedy for you:

  • Clean the deck. A long screwdriver can help you remove the grass.
  • Rotate the blades with your hands. Do the work until the blades can move freely.
  • Try riding the engine again.

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Why does the lawnmower cut uneven – Riding technique issues

what causes a riding lawn mower to cut uneven

Although there is nothing wrong with the mower deck, the lawnmower can cut unevenly because of the incorrect operation. Please check the list. Then make sure that you don’t make a mistake.

#1: You ride the lawnmower too fast

If the lawn has some unsightly stripes, you are likely to ride the lawnmower too fast. All of us know that a slow mower is an unacceptable thing. However, riding at extreme speed can reduce performance.

The remedy for you:

  • The remedy is obvious. Slowing down the speed can help you deal with the problem.
  • Let’s ride at a proper speed. If the speed is too slow, it can produce failure as well.
  • Just slow down the speed of the wheel. The engine’s speed should be at full throttle.

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#2: You have a bad turning

When you have navigation, the cut lawn may have ups and downs. The reason is the cutting row isn’t overlapped.

The remedy for you: Turn the lawnmower two or three times to overlap all the things.

Why does the lawnmower cut uneven – The failure of the cutting parts

There is the fact that the lawn can’t work perfectly if they are dull blades. You can approach some responsibility of the blade in reducing the performance.

#1: You don’t a good blade’s adjustment

In this case, your blades will have synchronization problems. You can cut the grass clearance because the blades aren’t on the same surface.

The remedy for you:

  • Check the blades and examine if they are parallel or not. 
  • You can use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the two nearest blades.
  • If they aren’t in the same distance, have some adjustments. Do the work until all of the blades are in a straight line.
  • If the uneven cut perpetuates, try fixing the problem by removing all the bales, then reinstalling them.

#2: The blades are dull

With dull blades, you can’t cut the lawn in a straight line.

The remedy for you:

You yourself can sharpen the blades following the information in the instruction book. On the other hand, the maintenance service can help with the problem.

#3: The blade wears

A damaged blade can lead to an unbalance. Let’s confirm the status of the blade.

The remedy for you:

In this case, the only remedy for you is replacing the blade.

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#4: The belt or the pulleys are damaged

A lawnmower that has worn a belt or pulley can’t work correctly. The blades can’t spin in a proper direction. Therefore, it causes the blades to vibrate.

The remedy for you:

Replace the poor-quality part.

What causes a riding lawnmower to cut uneven – Other reasons

The spindle wears

The spindle helps connect the housing with the bearing. If it is bent or loose, your lawnmower will cut unevenly.

If it has a spindle problem, you can hear the buzzing sound. You also have some feelings about the overscale of vibration.

The remedy for you:

  • Extract the spindle and inspect the problem.
  • If the spindle wears at all, replace it.


  • Only start the repairing work after the lawnmower is cool.
  • Placing the lawnmower on a flat surface can help the work easier.
  • Blocking all the moving parts is necessary.

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Final thoughts

It can take you one to several hours to solve the problem. However, the result is rewarding. You will not be annoyed by the bad cutting lines. 

Knowing what causes a riding lawnmower to cut unevenly helps you have an effective solution. Moreover, you yourself can read the maintenance book and fix the problem

Don’t forget to take some precautions. Turning off the lawnmower can help prevent the accident. Wearing protective gloves helps prevent your hand from getting hurt.

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