5 Practical tips for gas lawn mower maintenance (best for users)

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Lawn mower maintenance is always an extremely important factor. Because it will make a great contribution to helping our machine always be in the best state. Regular maintenance also helps ensure the longest possible life of your lawn mower (approximately 10-15 years maybe more).

Especially for gas-powered lawn mowers, maintenance is an indispensable factor. With the gas lawn mower, maintenance should be done at least once a year. Of course, it will take a few hours to complete. So why is gas lawn mower maintenance so important? How to maintain your gas lawn mower the right way? Follow the end of the articles to have the best answer!

The importance of gas lawn mower maintenance

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All product lines that operate with high productivity are not cheap. And when we spend such a large amount of money to own a device we certainly want it to last as long as possible. Not a regular breakdown. Therefore, with gas-powered lawn mowers, maintenance is always indispensable. How important is a gas lawn mower warranty? Let’s find out with us.

The importance of maintenance is based on reading the manual

These are genuine products, so the maintenance method must be done in the right order. When we read the manual, we will get information about the maintenance procedure. This will help keep the gas lawn mower maintenance on track and the machine can quickly return to its original state. 

Fuel and fuel tank of the machine

Maintenance of the fuel tank and fuel oil is one of the extremely important things. When we change the new oil, we will avoid the case that the engine does not explode and the machine makes a lot of noise. Regular maintenance of the oil tank will help ensure safety during use without oil spillage.

The air filter of the machine

Also, an important part of the machine, when maintaining the air filter we will see more clearly the importance of maintenance. With regular maintenance of the air filter, the dust in the air filter will be blown away. Prevents negative effects on other parts of the machine. When the air filter is stable, it will help the machine operate with the highest productivity and the operating time will be very long. 

Change spark plugs and undercarriage of lawn mowers

Spark plug maintenance is extremely important. It will help the machine to start up faster, operate more smoothly. Avoid the situation that the machine is stuck and cannot start the engine. Spark plugs are linked to many of the most important parts of a lawn mower. The chassis is one such place.

Just like spark plugs will have to be replaced regularly after fifty hours of use, the undercarriage must be thoroughly cleaned after the operation. Once a month, it will be cleaned. Maintenance of this unit will help prevent corrosion and unwanted interference with the airflow underneath.

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Keep the cutting edge sharp

Good blade maintenance will keep the blade in its best, sharpest condition. At the same time, this will help the machine operate with the highest productivity, dealing with long grass and wet grass. Lawn mowing operation time will also be greatly reduced.


Store the device in a place not affected by the effects of nature

The gas lawn mower is a durable, solid machine. But it is also very vulnerable to the dynamics of the surrounding nature. When we store it in a place where it can be protected from rain and sun, this is also considered a very good form of machine maintenance. Machine parts will not get wet and will be less susceptible to corrosion. And safer for users.

Grease the lawn mower parts

Nearly all lawn mower products large or small have parts that need to be lubricated before operation. This will prevent a small number of parts from being severely damaged by collisions. However, we need to know how to properly lubricate, how much grease to put in to avoid causing unwanted damage.

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5 Useful advice for gas lawn mower maintenance

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1. Read What the Owner’s Manual Says

You will find that there is an amount of information that you can gather from referring to the manual that the mower came with. It is full of details on the things that you need to do when it comes to caring for the mower before, during, and after you use it. This is the way the makers of the equipment want you to take care of these products. This way, they are confident that their claims of getting equipment out there that can last for many years down the road are going to be true.

2. Make sure that the gasoline is drained after every mowing session

You must get this done every session. Many of the technicians that handle mower repair pinpointed how gasoline has been considered as the main suspect whenever a mower refuses to start. It is always important to get the gasoline drained out of the system after the session is over. In addition, one must only use fresh gas the next time they want to turn the device on again and get some cutting done.

3. Make Sure that the Oil Level is Checked

It is important to monitor the level of the oil in the mower too. People are advised to also look for the possibility of the presence of floating debris. People should watch out for oil that seems to be dark in color as well. Contaminated and old oil needs to be replaced and drained. There is a lug that is underneath the mower that can be pulled to allow the oil to properly drain from the equipment. If the mower design does not have any drain plug on it, tilting the unit to one side will help get the oil drained out.

As always, the owner’s manual is going to be your guide towards ensuring that you will have the oil successfully drained out of the system and fill in fresh ones before you start the cutting task.

4. Clean the undercarriage and inspect the device’s air filters

It is very much possible for grass to cake in the undercarriage of the mower. This can be a potential problem since they may end up blocking and clogging the discharge chute of the mower. A wire brush can be a good tool to use when scraping the clippings off. The remaining debris can be cleaned up by spraying them with a hose. Make sure that the spark plug is disconnected though when doing work on the mower’s undercarriage.

Dirty air filters are going to only add more stress to the functions of the mower. Many of the mowers out in the market these days have foam or paper air filters. They should be easy to access and replacing them should be inexpensive. Replacing the air filter on the yearly basis is always a good practice.

It is never a bad idea for the equipment to undergo professional tune-up too. There are professional mechanics that you can refer to who should be able to offer you help in ensuring that the gas mower is functioning right. Look for reputable and licensed providers too so you are sure that referring to their assistance will be worth every penny.

5. Engine is dusty

For many countries in Europe in winter, lawn mowers will not be able to operate due to snowfall. At that time the lawn mower will be stored in the storage and when taken out to use the engine of the machine is covered with dust. Over a long time, the engine’s lubricant is depleted. This causes water and air to corrode the engine of the machine. When servicing the engine of the machine with misting oil will help the machine operate smoothly and avoid more severe damage.

Final thoughts

We have shared with you a few notes about gas lawn mower maintenance. There’s a lot you need to do if you want this maintenance to be effective. Have you noted your things yet?

Our notes and methods are following a general regulation on the maintenance of lawn mowers. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more useful experiences and information. Using a lawnmower professionally is hard but our guide today will help you a lot! You also can solve your lawnmower problem easier.

Maintenance at home may catch some problems that make you confused! Don’t worry, you can contact us for advice. Or bring your mower to the local store for fixing. Best wishes for you and your beautiful lawn.

Thank you for reading our article.

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