Sharpening reel mower blades: How to do it in the right way?

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Up to now, sharpening the blade of a lawn mower has always been quite a difficult task. This is a job that requires concentration, ingenuity, and a bit of knowledge about lawn mowers. In today’s article, we will give you some information about lawn mowers to help you have more knowledge about this product. So sharpening reel mower blades, is it hard? Let’s find out what’s interesting with this information.

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Can you sharpen reel mower blades yourself?

Sharpening reel mower blades

Can you sharpen the roll cutter blade yourself? The answer is definitely yes. But you will not follow the processes that outside the store do, but today we will introduce to you the American Lawn Mower Company roll knife sharpener.

Although new to the eye, this is considered the easiest and most effective way to do it yourself while keeping the roll cutter blade in the top position. The American Lawn Mower Company blade sharpening kit is made for all types of blades but is specifically designed for roll cutter blades.

This DIY blade sharpener set gives customers a great experience. Customers can self-sharpen the roll cutter blade at home. Although made at home, the quality is still as great as outside the store. With the greatness of this kit, it will cut down on mowing time for your family, resulting in a perfectly manicured lawn.

How to sharpen reel mower blades?

Sharpening reel mower blades 3

Mostly the type of mower that requires constant sharpening is the reel lawn mower. No wonder reel mower sharpening kits are offered on the internet and are readily available. To start sharpening your blades, you need to order one of these kits as it contains the tools you are going to use(If you do not know Where to order these kits, you can order these kits here). The next step is dismantling the mower via the assistance of the manufacturer’s manual.

Once you manage to disassemble the mower, turn it to its side and unscrew the wheel’s side cover. This will expose a ring that attaches the wheel to the body of the mower.  Removing this ring will require the use of a large flathead screwdriver. When you finally slide it off the wheel, use your hand to disengage the gear that is in the wheel.  Next, open your sharpening kit. Remove your hand crank and use it to push over the tiny piece of metal to where the gear is located. Then turn the blades backward while rotating your hand crank to the right side.

By doing so, you will begin to sharpen your mower. Now shift your hand crank anti-clockwise. Repeat this simple process for about ten minutes while resting in-between. When you see that the blades are begging to shine along the edges, your efforts are bearing fruits. Paint your blades with your paintbrush to protect them from rust. Now that you have achieved your goal, it is time to restore your lawn mower to its original position.

Again you will need to make use of your guidebook or booklet to know the sequence of taking every component back to where it belongs. If you just don’t have the time or the expertise to sharpen your blades, take them to a professional. But learning to sharpen them yourself could be cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, when blades are sharpened regularly they do not need to undergo the expensive annual sharpening process.

The ideas we have shared above are about reel mower blades sharpening. Other types of mowers, such as self-propelled mowers, have blades that get blunt as well. If you own this sort of mower or any other, decide right now how you will sharpen its blades on a regular basis. Taking them to an affordable professional is a good option or you could try to do the task yourself.

What you will require are sharpening kits that can be bought online, as aforementioned. Make use of your kits as directed by the manufacturer.  Basically what you will find in the kit are just tools that will be required when sharpening the blades.

FAQs on sharpening reel mower blades

Sharpening reel mower blades 4

1. What is the method of sharpening the Backlapping blade of the lawn mower?

This is a fairly new way of sharpening the blade of a lawn mower. It can be used to sharpen different lawn mower blades. But it’s actually made to sharpen the blades of reel mowers. The reel lawn mower uses a five-blade vortex blade. Thanks to the Backlapping method, we will reduce the time it takes to sharpen this blade. At the same time, when using this method, the percentage of broken blades will be greatly reduced.

2. What tools can we use to sharpen the blade of the lawn mower?

Sharpening lawn mower blades is a job that requires meticulousness and care. It can be said that this is quite a difficult job. We will need tools to assist in the sharpening of the blade. It will help us sharpen our blades faster and more beautifully. The tools we need will be: sharpening file, grinder, saw and protective mask,… This is one of the items that will help us a lot in sharpening the blade. 

3. How much does it cost to sharpen the blade of a lawn mower?

Sharpening the blade of a lawn mower is not an easy task. So if we can’t sharpen the blade ourselves, can we take the blade to a repair shop? Entirely possible. If you have good economic conditions, buy a new blade. Or take it to a shop for servicing. We will have to pay $ 9.95 if the blade is removed by itself and $ 19.95 if the blade is still in the machine.

4. Can we sharpen the blade without removing it from the machine?

To sharpen the blade of the lawn mower we will need many stages. Remove the blade from the machine, grind it and install it to adjust the balance. It takes a great deal of detail.

So to reduce the time we can sharpen the blade without removing the blade from the machine? We can complete it by using a sharpening file, a grinder, but the quality of the saw blade when it is finished will not be satisfactory. And in the grinding process, it is inevitable that negligence affects other parts.

Final thought

Sharpening reel mower blades may become a big problem for you, especially for the beginner. You can choose to replace it by yourself or bring it to the store. However, the ultimate goal is to upgrade your lawn mower to become the most perfect version. It’s really hard work, but with the right method, everything becomes easy. 

I believe if you beautify your lawn the right way, you will have an attractive landscape! Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Do not forget to share your valuable experience with other users.

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