Why my riding mower vibrates when blades engaged? 4 Common reasons and solutions

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Have you ever used a lawn mower? Are you confident with your knowledge about the lawn mower? The riding mower vibrates when blades engaged is a situation that makes many people confused and does not know how to fix it. Please join us to learn about this case. Let’s try to see how wide your lawn mower knowledge is, maybe you will get more experience to avoid the risks to your lawn mower.

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What makes a riding mower vibrate when blades are engaged?

why riding mower vibrates when blades engaged

Lawn mower vibration when the saw blade is operating is not too uncommon a problem in a lawn mower. But determining the cause of this condition takes a lot of time. Because the impact that leads to this situation comes from many different places in the machine parts. Below we will list the possible causes of the machine vibrating continuously when the saw blade is in operation.

1. The blade is unbalanced

The fact that the lawn mower vibrates when the blade is in operation has nothing to do with the cutting speed of the blade and whether the blade is sharp or not. Some lawnmowers have cutting speeds of up to 200-240 mph but still, work very well. The key point here is that we have installed the blade incorrectly, leading to the blade losing its balance. Generates loud noise and continuous vibration when operating.

During the operation of the machine, it is inevitable that the blade will collide with hard materials such as large rocks or hard roots on the ground. It causes a large impact on the blade and causes the blade to lose balance causing the lawn mower to vibrate.

2. The blade does not guarantee quality

In the process of the lawnmower blade handling the lawn from small to large, it is not possible to avoid layers of dirt and mud clinging to the blade. It will interrupt, slow down the speed of the blade. So it cannot move properly according to the original program. This causes the blade to be out of balance resulting in the machine vibrating continuously.

3. The blade is not sharpened properly

With a large and continuous operating capacity, especially when the blade has to handle a large patch of grass, roots, and debris will make the blade rough. We need to sharpen the blades properly and maintain them carefully. We will use the blade for a longer time and do not have to spend an extra cost to change another blade.

4. Lawn mower crankshaft bent

This is one of the main causes of machine vibration when the blade is in operation. The bend in the crankshaft plus the fan blades of the lawn mower can be caused by these parts colliding with hard materials during operation. The sudden stop of the rotors is the main cause of the bend of the crankshaft, leading to the machine’s vibration while the blade is still in operation.

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How to fix a riding mower vibrating?

Once we have found the root cause of the problem, we need to find out and come up with the most appropriate solutions to solve it. It is necessary to completely overcome these problems to keep the machine as well as to help it always work at peak productivity. Here we will give the most reasonable and safest solutions to the problem of the lawn mower shaking when the blade is still working.

1. Help the blade balance again

We need to tilt the lawn mower first to prevent fuel from leaking out and to keep the carburetor running. Drain the fuel and then dry the fuel tank. Use the wrench to remove the blade from the machine and then clean it. We will then use a torque wrench to install the more precise and stiffer blade blades in the future.

Also, in case the blade is too old and needs to be replaced. We need to pay attention to balancing them evenly. Excess metal must be removed from the general mixture as the metal will be lighter. Only then, during operation, the blade is not unbalanced, leading to the continuous vibration of the machine.

2. Store the blade properly

Maintaining the blade and sharpening the blade helps us to use the blade length and is more durable. Avoid leading to unbalanced cutting edge. First, we need to clean the blade with water with a strong scrub brush if necessary. Use a wrench to reassemble them on the lawn mower. Need to double-check that the blade is securely fastened?

3. Check the balance of the blade before using the lawn mower.

To avoid interrupting the working process of the machine and ensuring productivity, it is necessary to check the balance of the blade before operation. Fasten the blade through the center hole in a pin. Or if the blade is still loose, we can take a nail to screw it up until the blade reaches the required balance.

4. Troubleshooting of crankshaft

We need to remove the entire blade of the lawnmower and then check if the crankshaft has any flow. We can use directives to do this. Then remove the blade, core, and finally the spark plug from the deck of the lawnmower. Attach the dial indicator to the lawn mower deck and place it on the crankshaft of the machine. Read the exact amount of time on the indicator by gently turning the motor. If the reading is above .003, the crankshaft is broken. It is necessary to hire a professional to maintain the crankshaft and engine regularly. This will help you last longer and not have to replace these parts too many times.

Please follow the instructions on how to do it correctly so as not to adversely affect your own lawn mower.

Final thoughts

Above is the useful information that we want to send to you. We hope that after reading this article you will have more knowledge about the reason why the riding mower vibrates when blades engaged

If you find our guide useful, please comment and share it with everyone. Thank you for reading our article. Have a good day!

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