Why my lawn mower loses power when blades engaged? 3 Effective methods to fix this issue

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The lawnmower is a necessary item to beautify your land. Using this device is not hard. But if you are a beginner, you may have some problems while using it. You need to study the manual which comes with the mower and find how this machine works. 

There are many types of lawnmowers in the market. You can choose a walk-behind lawnmower or a riding lawnmower. Otherwise, you have to know which mower engine you want: an electric one or a gas-powered one,…

After finding the best one for yourself, you operate it and may catch some issues. Today, we will talk about the big problem that everyone is sure to encounter during use. That is Lawn mower loses power when blades engaged. This is not a big problem because you can fix it. But I know losing power during mowing is frustrating, especially with a new one. On the other hand, if you do not find which causes this issue, it can get worse. 

Follow us to help you identify and fix it better now!!!

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8 Reasons why lawn mower loses power when blades engaged

lawn mower loses power when blades engaged

Many problems can occur with the lawnmower during use. And the fact that the lawnmower suddenly loses power when the saw blade is operating is one of those problems. This problem is often encountered during the operation of the machine in hilly and sloping terrain. So what is the root cause of this problem? Join us to learn about it.

1. Dirt clinging to the machine

Regardless of the lawnmower, this problem cannot be avoided during the operation of even the most modern machines. The dirt and weeds getting into the machine lead to the condition of the air filter system of the machine being blocked. This makes the air unable to circulate and does not cool the motor maximum, causing the motor to overload and automatically disconnect the power.

Not only affects the cooling system, but the dirt on the machine also affects the carburetor. If not carefully checked, it is easy to accumulate dirt and water here. This makes the process of burning fuel operate less efficiently. Then the motor stops automatically and does not continue.

2. The operating capacity of the machine

Depending on the terrain, there will be suitable lawnmowers. There will also be machines that can operate stably on many terrains. We need to know the capacity as well as the suitable terrain for the machine to operate. If the operation is overloaded, the machine will automatically cut off the power while the blade is still working. Too much weight can also cause it to lose power while the blade is still working.

3. Using the wrong oil level

There will be two cases that occur but both give the same bad result. That is, the machine will automatically cut off the power when it is operating. In the first case, if the oil level is too low, it will not be enough to lubricate the machine parts. In the other case, if the oil level is too high, contact with the air will create foamy oil.

4. The phenomenon of lack of sparks

With many phenomena such as dirt, oil, etc., the spark plugs cannot ignite continuously. This phenomenon will cause your lawn mower’s performance to be irregular. Then immediately check your spark plugs and change to another spark plug if it’s necessary.

5. Dirt and weeds cling to the blade

With dirt, mud, and weeds sticking to the blade, it is easy to stop the lawn mower, especially when handling lawns on slopes.

6. Obstruction in the muffler

Fuel gas and steam are transported through the muffler. The muffler is very easily clogged with dirt. Smoke will come out of your lawn mower and your machine will stop working. That’s when you know your machine has a problem.

7. Dirty carburetor

It can be said that this is the most important set of lawn mowers. It helps to mix air with fuel to better ignite and increase machine productivity. But this cannot happen if it is dirty or the surrounding washers are dirty or damaged.

8. Fuel quality is not up to standard

We need to pay attention to changing the fuel before using it. The standard fuel interval is 30 days or less. This adversely affects the machine when operating and is also very easy to damage other parts.

How to fix this issue?

Once you understand the cause of the power failure when the saw blade is still operating. We need to come up with solutions to fix this. Here are a few of our solutions to help you consult and have more experience in repairing lawnmowers.

Regularly check the machine parts

When operating the machine, it is often exposed to sandy soil, weeds, and dirt, so the accumulation of parts of the machine is inevitably inevitable. We need a regular inspection of all typical parts such as muffler, carburetor, blade,…

Sanitary positive for lawn mowers

To avoid residual dirt, we need to clean the parts of the machine regularly. Wash and clean the places where dirt is attached.

Timely replacement

The parts that cannot be washed or cleaned, we need to replace them immediately. Can be mentioned as oil or spark plugs. They all have a great influence on the operation of the lawnmower. At the same time, if the damaged part is used for too long, it will cause an extremely dangerous backfire to the user. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately replace the part when it is found that is damaged or dirty cannot be cleaned.

Final thoughts

The above causes may be responsible for the power loss. We have listed 3 ways to help you fix it easily. Lawn mower loses power when blades engaged is not a serious problem. However, you should take care of your mower to recognize the issue as soon as possible. If it’s beyond that and still losing power while cutting, you need the professional advisory. Hope the article’s information is useful to you. Fix your mower and use it now. Have a good day!

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