Why lawn mower dies when choke off? How to fix this issue?

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Have you ever encountered some problems with your lawnmower? Which one makes you feel the most uncomfortable? I think this is because the lawnmower died suddenly or it can start to mow.

There are lots of reasons Why a lawnmower won’t start. The most common condition that you may encounter is your mower starts then dies when choke off. A lot of people have been in this situation as well. They don’t know where the issue comes from and how to fix it.

Why does the lawnmower die when choke off? If you are looking for the answer for this question, you are in the right direction. Keep in mind through the end of the article and find the best answer for your problem.

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What makes a lawn mower dies when choke off?

lawn mower dies when choke off?

Let’s see your condition. You just recently got your mower running. You make good preparations as the manual. You changed the spark plugs, oil, fuel filter, air filter. But when you start it up to mow your lawn, you have to have it fully choked. There is a problem. 

Maybe it will start smoothly as usual but it needs a full choke. Then when you forget to throttle back from a full choke, it will make some noise. Believe me, you don’t like this sound. And actually, your machine will work slower.

Now find exactly what makes a lawn mower dies when choke off?

1. Carburetors

If your lawnmower dies when choke off, it may have a problem with your carburetor. This is the first part you need to pay attention to when this problem occurs.

Some parts of the mower may affect to mower’s death.

The carburetor is an important part of your lawnmower. Its mission is to help air and fuel blend together in a perfect ratio. That’s for combustion before entering the engine of the machine.

The choke will provide extra fuel when the engine is started for the first time. 

This source of material will help the lawnmower operate more smoothly. When the engine is up and running for a few seconds, the choke is opened and the other fuel lines in the carburetor operate as normal.

When your lawnmower dies that means a part has stopped working. This is because when the vent is opened there may be debris that has at least partially blocked the fuel passages in the carburetor. In this condition, the choke needs to provide an extra engine to fix it. 

Then the fuel supply is shorted due to clogged fuel lines, and the engine dies. That’s the reason what makes a lawnmower dies when choke off.

Now you have two options to solve the problem: cleaning it or replacing it. 

2. Dirty part

Small particles from dirty fuel during operation will stick to your machine parts. This is a common condition. Don’t worry too much because you can fix it yourself. If you feel it is hard, you can contact the professional. Clean it, then your mower can operate smoothly.

3. Air leak

Air leaks can cause the condition that a lawnmower dies when choke off. A split or crack in the vacuum line or air intake boot or the loose clamp which holds the intake boot to the carb will allow additional air to go inside the carburetor. This amount of air is not good. It affects the mixture of air and fuel. This can cause bad conditions for the lawnmower.

How to fix this a dead lawn mower when choke off?

This is one of the common problems when your lawn mower is used for a long time. Because of this, we need to have really good solutions to help the lawn mower operate normally as it did at first. We would like to offer a few methods below for your reference. (Recommendation: How to keep your self-propelled lawn mower running properly?)

lawn mower dies when choke off

1. Clean the carburetor and drain the fuel tank

The carburetor is one of the most important parts of a lawn mower. When the engine is blocked and cannot start, we need to check the carburetor. If dirty, it must be cleaned immediately to quickly pump air for the engine to start. However, in case the glue is damaged, a new carburetor must be replaced. It is necessary to regularly check the fuel tank to avoid the accumulation of dirt. When filling with gasoline, the quality of gasoline will not be as good as when purchased

Further reading: How to clean carburetor on a Troy Bilt lawn mower?

2. Fuel handling

We need to use a gas stabilizer to keep the gas in the machine parts fresh even after a long time of use. We need to use this tool because we cannot know after a long time of operation how much air is left in the parts of the machine. It will have serious consequences affecting the lawn mower.

3. Check the spark plugs of the lawn mower

In this case, it is more likely that the spark plugs do not ignite. To fix this we will need to remove the spark plug from the machine, clean it to remove the dirt. Then adjust the ignition openings to the correct position. Try again if the lawn mower still won’t start, it means the spark plug is completely damaged and we need to replace a new spark plug.

4. Unsatisfactory fuel rate

The ratio of gasoline to oil will be suitable for each type of lawn mower. But mainly will be lawn mowers 2. If too much oil is mixed with gasoline, it will cause spark plugs to lead to fire and explosion, causing danger to users. If it is too little, it will not be enough to lubricate the parts of the machine. Therefore, we need to mix the correct ratio to help the machine work well and bring higher efficiency.

Final thoughts

Hope today’s article is useful and informative for you. There are many issues when using a lawnmower. But this device can beautify your property, make you feel better. 

Lawn mower dies when choke off is a regular situation! Don’t worry about troubles. Everything can be fixed. Enjoy your job. Have a good day!

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