Husqvarna mower dies when blades engaged: Reasons and remedy for each case

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Various reasons lead to the mower dying. This may come from a lack of operation. Some cases are due to bad maintenance. 

For most, when the mower dies, the mower’s grass box can’t close completely. In this case, the safety sensor is out of order. This is the reason why Husqvarna dies when blades are engaged.

There are some methods to deal with the Husqvarna dying. However, the following will be one of the best. You needn’t spend hour to hour working in the garage. This article shows you how to identify each problem and the corresponding remedy.

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Why a Husqvarna mower dies when blades are engaged

husqvarna mower dies when blades engaged

You can find the frequent reason in the below list:

  • The grass box fell out of its proper position.
  • There are some problems with the grass box sensor.
  • The connection between the sensor and the wire is lost.
  • The gasoline is low-quality.
  • The carburetor is clogged.

Let’s learn more about each reason. Identifying the cause helps you have an effective method.

1. There are some problems with the grass box sensor

For safety, the lawnmower is designed with some components that can help replay the movement of a mechanism. We call it sensors. Sensors receive information, then send it to the main control panel. 

Therefore, only when everything is right, the main control panel allows the lawnmower to stay running.

A grass box is one of the mechanisms that is affected by the main control panel and the sensor. You can find the sensor at the rear of the engine, next to the grass bag.

In a frequent process, first, the grass bag closes. It creates pressure on the sensor. Then the sensor closes. At that time, it sends information to the control panel. The grass box is closed already. It is safe for the blade to engage.

Let’s check the grass box and discover the problem. You can clean it to help the box close better. 

2. The grass box fell out of its proper position

A hard-working environment can damage the grass bag support arms. In this case, the arms are bent. Therefore, it’s difficult for the bag frame to activate the bad sensor.

To solve this problem, you must straighten your arms. In fact, it helps improve the attachment between the grass bag and the sensor.

3. The connection between the sensor and the wire is lost

Let’s go through one more technical reason, it’s the loss of the grass bag sensor. The sensor can be out of work because the sensor isn’t connected to the wire. 

You can find the wire behind the sensor. Depending on the lawnmower’s model, the wire can be in block shade or two pushes. Let’s have a check:

  • Open the housing.
  • Identify the sensor and the wire position.
  • Extract the wire to check the corrosion and the damages. The poor-quality wire can affect the sensor’s performance.
  • If the wire is dirty, you should clean it.
  • You can lubricate it with some silicone grease.
  • If the wire is totally corrosion, let’s replace it.

4. The gasoline is low-quality

If the gasoline exists in the tank over 30 days, it may be stale. This gasoline decreases the effectiveness of burning. Although the lawnmower still works and everything seems OK, the engine can stop suddenly. 

For most, it is the case that the engine cuts long grass or has a hill climbing. You can deal with the problem with easy steps:

  • Drain the gas out.
  • Pour the high-quality gasoline into the tank.
  • Add some stabilizer to the tank.

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5. The carburetor is clogged

Even though the lawnmower is a forgiving engine, its carburetor is complicated. With a slight change, the carburetor can run poorly. It can be because the air filter is dirty (so you should clean the air filter) or has some hole. 

Thanks to the mix of gasoline and the air, the carburetor can burn the fuel. The amount of fuel that the carburetor burns is equal to what the engine receives.

However, you can only find it in theory. In fact, a clogged air filter can reduce the burning effectiveness. The lawnmower spends more gasoline than regular. This is a serious problem. Lack of power leads to the engine’s hard work.

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Husqvarna mower dies when blades are engaged and the remedies

To each problem, you will have its own remedy. This table will show you what to do in each case:

The causes Remedies for you
The grass box can’t close totally. Clean the things jamming the grass box.
The grass box fell out of its alignment. Repair the grass box support arms. Straightening the arms helps solve the problem.
The sensor’s connection isn’t in good condition. Check the connection between the sensor and the wire. Replace the sensor if it is broken. Replace the wire if it is corrosion.
The grass bag’s sensor is broken. Having a replacement is the only remedy for you.
The engine runs with bad gasoline. The gasoline is steel. The debris from it can increase the friction between moving parts.

Drain the old gasoline out. Fill the tank with new gasoline.

The carburetor is dirty. First, you change the old gasoline. Add some stabilizer, if any. If the carburetor is seriously worn, replace it with a new one.
The fuel cap is clogged. Have a new fuel cap.
The spark plug is defective. Change the spark plug.
The drive belt is worn or bent. Replace the belt with a new one.


1. Is the article for all models of Husqvarna lawn mowers?

 Yes, it is.

2. What is an effective way to check the sensor status?

You can check it with a voltmeter. If the sensor is good, the result will be zero ohms.

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Final thoughts

Finding out the reason why Husqvarna mower dies when blades engaged is the first thing you must do. Let’s check the mechanism that belongs to your guide. The causes are arranged in order. Therefore, discovering the fault step-by-step is smart. 

In addition, we give you effective remedies as well. Mower dying is an annoying problem. However, it isn’t difficult to fix. Be confident and go on with the given remedies.

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