How to tell if a mower deck spindle is bad? How to fix a bad mower deck spindle?

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How to tell if a mower deck spindle is bad is something that you need to know. Because it can be a reason why the lawnmower can’t perform smoothly. Is cutting your lawn evenly the thing that you want? If it is, let’s go on with our article.

With some home stools, you can deal with the fault easily. Moreover, you can directly enhance the performance. In fact, this helps the blade and spindle move in the proper route.

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5 Signs tell a mower deck spindle is bad

how to tell if mower deck spindle is bad?

The spindle forces the blade and helps it spin. When it is bent, the blades won’t be able to work. And at this time, your lawnmower will inform you by some clear signs:

#1 Your lawnmower cuts uneven

A damaged spindle will go out of the proper axis. It is the reason why your lawnmower is cut unevenly. 

Bad cuts lead to a bad lawn. The lawn will be brown at the cutting edge.

#2 Some parts are bent or damaged

If the spindle is bent or broken. It can’t break the stability of the spinning of blades. 

Moreover, if the spindle is damaged seriously, the lawnmower can stop working unforeseen. This can be a big annoyance. To improve the fact, you should have some repair or even replacement.

#3 The lawnmower miss the vibration and roar loudly

After you start the engine, first, there is some vibration. Then you can hear some buzzing noises. 

The sound comes from the impact between the blade deck. Sometimes, it comes from the shaking between entire parts.

If you catch the squealing noises, let’s check the frozen wheel. It may be out of order. To solve the problem, you should change the frozen wheel. If the problem still occurs, the spindle is in bad condition as well.

#4 You find that there are some broken or bent parts

When the spindle or other moving parts catch a problem, the blades are in a disorganized way. The result is that your lawnmower works unevenly.

The loud cracking noises will inform you of the damages. Sometimes, if the lawnmower doesn’t work at all, there may be some bent parts as well. 

Either way, you should check the entire lawnmower and have some replacement if needed.

#5 Some parts are over hot

After a few minutes of working, a cold lawnmower can get hot rapidly. If it is sharply faster than regular, you may have some problems with your spindle. 

How to fix a bad mower deck spindle?

Read the signs to help you know if the uneven cut comes from a bad mower deck spindle or not. To fix or replace the spindle, you just need to follow the below steps.

The necessary tools:

A new spindle in case you need a replacement.

  • Some concrete blocks.
  • A pair of protective gloves.
  • A flat-head screwdriver.
  • A socket wrench.

Step 1: Park the lawnmower in the proper place

First and foremost, the fixing or replacement of a spindle must be done from the below. A comfortable place is needed. 

If you have a lift, it is comfortable for you to work underneath the deck. Make sure that the distance between the deck and the ground is enough for you to fulfill all steps.

Moreover, a clean place will be the best due to not damaging the lawnmower’s parts with the debris. Some recommendations for you are garages, driveways, patios.

Step 2: Have some preparations

Not only does the preparation help you do the repairing smoothly, but also do protect yourself. There are some things that you should notice.

  • Park it for about two hours. At this time, all parts of the lawnmower are cool down. You won’t get hot when you touch a part.
  • Switch the lawnmower off. Then have the brake, block the wheels and other moving parts.
  • Disconnect the spark plug and the ignition wire. Drain out the gasoline.
  • Extract the blade deck if you can. Lock the spindle and the pulleys.

Step 3: Extract the spindle

  • Use a block to disengage the blades.
  • Remove the bolt with your wrench.
  • When you remove all of the bolts, you can see the spindle.
  • If the bolt is locked by the pulley, extract the belts and the pulley.
  • Extract the spindle.
  • Repeat the process if you have more than one spindle.

Step 4: Have new bearings (optional)

  • You should extract the bolt and the screw that help stable the spindle.
  • Extract the housing.
  • Extract old bearings off the spindle.
  • Replace them with new ones. A rubber mallet will help you press the bearings into the spindle effectively.
  • Reinstall the spindle. Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts and the nuts.

Step 5: Install things in their proper place

You should extract all things that you extracted:

  • First, reinstall the blade deck.
  • Put the belt and the pulleys in suitable positions. Tightening the nuts and the screw will help your lawnmower work seamlessly.

After these tasks are done, you can test the performance of the mower deck spindle.

Step 6: Bring your lawnmower out and test it

Move it to the place where your lawnmower can work comfortably.

  • Remove the blocks that you used to disengage the blades.
  • Connect the spark plug and the ignition wire.
  • Engage all the moving parts.
  • Use your key to start the engine.
  • Switch the lawnmower on.
  • Check the performance of your deck spindle.

Be silent and hear the sound of the engine. If the mower deck is improved, you won’t hear the buzzing or some loud sound. Moreover, the vibration is solved.

Final thoughts

How to tell if a mower deck spindle is bad isn’t as difficult as people think. Let’s notice the performance of the lawnmower. If one or more of the above signs exist, let’s check your deck spindle. 

Even though the spindle is one of the most tricky parts to fix, the above guide can help you. 

The guideline is designed for the newbie. Therefore, everyone can be confident in applying the method.

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