How to straighten a lawn mower blade? A 5 minute guide for gardeners

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Regardless of the product or machine, after a period of operation, there is a breakdown. The lawn mower is no exception. One of the biggest problems with the lawn mower after a period of use is the blunt, curved lawn mower blade. 

So how to straighten a lawn mower blade? What tools will we need to handle this failure? Is it hard to fix this issue? We’re here to help you! 

The following article is an ideal direction for you to solve this problem. Keep in mind through the end and find the best solution for you.

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Requirement tools to straighten a lawn mower blade

To keep the blade sharp and shiny as before, not only requires skill, but the tools used for sharpening the blade must be of good quality. Here are the necessary and quality tools we need to straighten the blade back to the original.

Requirement tools to straighten a lawn mower blade

1. Angle grinder

This is an essential tool for sharpening for sharper and sharper blades. The tool needs to have a clear origin to avoid fake goods, low-quality goods that adversely affect the cutting edge. The blade of the machine needs to be sharp so that when sharpening the blade of the lawn mower, it does not cause the blade to become duller or have uneven lines.

2. Clamps

A simple and easily obtainable tool. But it should be noted that choose a firm clamp that is not too loose, otherwise the blade is very easy to drift while sharpening.

3. Mental-grinding blade

For the blade of the lawnmower to be the sharpest and sharpest, we need to choose the type of blade suitable for the blade’s size and style. We still know that grinding is still important, but we still need to be careful in every detail to achieve the highest efficiency.

4. Safety glasses

In addition to the best tools to sharpen the blade, we also need tools to protect ourselves during the bending and grinding process of the lawnmower. Safety glasses are a necessary item. It helps us to protect the face from sparks when grinding and the crumbs of the blade that can shoot out at any time.

5. Protective Gloves

Another protective tool just as important as goggles is protective gloves. In the process of re-bending the blade to avoid unfortunate risks, we should protect our hands by using protective gloves. Because they often have to cut and then use strong force, they even have to sharpen the cutting edge. It is very easy to get calluses, aches, and sparks in your hands.

6. Wrench set

The last necessary tool is the wrench set. They will help firmly fix the cutting net after successfully bending the blade back to the original. At the same time, it also avoids the blade falling off during operation, causing danger to the user.

How to straighten a lawn mower blade?

During the operation of the lawn mower, it is inevitable that the parts will be damaged. The curved blade is one of the problems that we often encounter. Dealing with dense, weedy lawns is the cause of this problem. So what is the reasonable solution to help the blade return to its original state? Take a look at our comments below.

How to straighten a lawn mower blade

Step 1: Sharpen or straighten the blade

First, we need to turn the lawn mower upside down so that the air filter is facing up and avoid the oil from flowing into the air filter. We will then start removing the blade from the lawn mower. In the process of removing the blade, we need to fix the blade to something solid that can be a piece of wood, a piece of cardboard, …. After successfully removing the blade, we will turn it over. 

Step 2: Bending, straightening the saw blade of the lawn mower

There will be two cases as follows: with an anvil and without an anvil. In case you already have the anvil we will put the tip without bending under the anvil. Then use the channel lock to slowly re-bend the blade so it’s straight again. In the absence of an anvil, we will need an additional weight that closely resembles a sturdy clamp. We will have to do it on a firm flat surface to prevent the blade from slipping off.

Step 3: Use the hammer to straighten the blade

We will use the hammer with a moderate force that is not too strong to reshape the blade of the lawn mower. In the case of an anvil, we should still close the blade to the anvil, it will be easier to straighten the blade.

Step 4: Sharpen the blade

The blade needs to be straight and also sharp to help the lawn mower handle dense, weedy lawns. We will use a clamp to clamp the end and keep it straight. Then we will use a file to sharpen the edge of the blade. During the sharpening process, place the file on the blade plus a little pressure from the hand and then pull the file out of the blade. This will make the blade sharper and brighter.

Step 5: Reattach the blade to the lawn mower

To complete the reshaping of the lawn mower blade, we will reattach the blade to the machine. We will put the machine on its side again. Then take the wrench and the socket to install the blade in the opposite direction than when it was first removed. Care must be taken to tighten the blade latch firmly to avoid the blade falling off during operation.

Final thoughts

With the information given in this article, we believe you have got what you need in terms of bending your lawnmower blade back to its original state. It is sure to bring efficiency, productivity far beyond what you would expect from a broken item repaired. How to straighten a lawn mower blade is something gardeners need to know. Equip yourself with the best knowledge before embarking on work!

Once again, we hope today’s article brings useful information for you to make an attractive lawn. Have a good day!

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