How to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower? The advice from mechanic

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A Scag mower is a powerful tool. That can maneuver through all kinds of landscapes. The Scag mower comes with a PTO clutch. This part is important to the air or hydraulic actuation. If the PTO clutch wears or is faulty, the blades can’t run. People choose to replace the PTO clutch to solve the very problem because repairing may be impossible. 

Then, how to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower? This article will show you how to do the steps as detailed as possible. You better take a little concentration because you must focus on multiple pieces of the scag mower. You can do it yourself. However, an assistant will help them work more efficiently. And so, call someone to help you before you start the repairing process.

Is it crucial to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower?

how to replace the pto clutch on a scag mower

Knowing that the mower has a faulty clutch is important. If the clutch can’t start right, this can reduce the performance of the mower. Moreover, the broken clutch can affect the related parts. Repair or replace the clutch as soon as possible. Then you can protect the mower from the below risks:

1. The bad quality of cutting

The clutch stimulates the movement of the blades. And so, the blades can’t work at their best. Then the cut lawn seems uneven and has a lot of ups and downs.

2. The quality of the belt reduces

The belt won’t work at the right process if the clutch is in a bad state. In other words, the belt’s lifespan may shorten. There are more and more tearing and breaking parts in the belt after each run. In one day, the belt snaps. Then it is a bit annoying for you to solve the problem.

3. Shorten the motor lifespan

The clutch hugely affects the havoc of the motor. In the most serious cases, a broken clutch leads to damages to the whole engine. As you know, the price of a new engine is expensive. 

4. The faulty blades

If the clutch is lousy, the blades may still move even in the case that you disengage them. This wrong blade’s performance causes some ruin in the blade edges. In this case, to improve the performance, you need to sharpen or replace the blades altogether.

How to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower

Step 1: Disengage the mower

Disconnect the spark plug then the mower doesn’t start seriously and hurt you. There will be no movement at the blades or the belt. That can protect the parts from glitching that is complicated and take you a big amount of money to solve.

Step 2: Access the cutting deck

To reach the inner parts of the cutting deck, you must lower the cutting deck. Then you can reach the blades and the clutch drives. 

Step 3: Extract the pulley housing

Then you need to remove the belt from the mower. To do that, pull the belt off. Start pulling from the side. It will be simpler to get the belt off.

Step 4: Extract the belt

Then you need to remove the belt from the mower. To do that, pull the mower off. Start pulling from the sideway, it will be simpler to get the clutch off.

Step 5: Disconnect the clutch and the electric wires

The clutch connects to some electronic components. There are two sets of wires that need disconnecting. Ensure that you disconnected all of them before removing the clutch.

Step 6: Loosen the blade’s bolts

You need an assistant to finish this step efficiently. The bolts help the clutch stable on the mower. While you loosen the bolts, your assistant will help you keep the nuts in their positions. There is a thing that, before losing the bolt, you use a screwdriver to extract the flywheel.

Step 7: Extract the clutch

The seventh step in the process of how to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower is removing the clutch. Right after you remove the bolt, it is available for you to detach the clutch.

Step 8: Replace the clutch

In this step, exactly what we need to do is reverse the steps above. Place the clutch in its place. Then you need the assistant to help you install the nut while you attach the bolt. Check the parts to make sure that there is nothing wrong. If everything is OK, tighten the nuts and the bolt again.

Then, it’s time to reconnect the clutch and the electric components. Place the belt on all the pulleys and install it. Next, move on with the flywheel, the housing, the blades, and the spark plug.

Step 9: Test the performance

Now, how to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower process finishes. Regardless of which type of replacement you have, testing the engine is a compulsory step. Rotate the key and start the engine. Run it for a while, check the movement of the clutch’s related parts. If no issue occurs, you are successful with the very process.


1. When should I replace the PTO clutch on my scag mower?

The lifespan of a clutch depends on its model and your maintenance. However, it usually needs to be replaced after every 2,000 hours of use. If you must run the mower through a rocky driveway, you should disengage the clutch.

2. How do I know if my PTO clutch is bad?

If the PTO clutch isn’t working properly, the mower’s blades are disengaged. The below signs will tell you that you hard a poor-performing PTO clutch:

  • The mower doesn’t work effectively

You may have some difficulties engaging the clutch. Moreover, the cutting system doesn’t seem to work. Working hard for a long period, then the clutch wears.

  • It seems sticky

When you operate the mower, let’s pay attention to the clutch pedal. If you see that the pedal doesn’t return its proper position immediately, the pedal has some problems. If you skip the sign and go on mowing, after a long time, the clutch may return more and more slowly. Then, in one day, the clutch is disengaged. The pedal that is miss-responsibility doesn’t only reduce the performance, but also the motor may have some damages.

  • It is strange and overloud sound

Although the mower blades often spin at high speeds, as is usual, the movement won’t make an overloud sound. When the blades engage, if you see that the clutch makes some strange noise, it may wear.

  • The mower performs unevenly

If the clutch breaks, the mower’s blades can stop suddenly. To go on with the mowing, first, you need to repair or replace the clutch.

3. What happens when a PTO clutch goes bad?

If the PTO clutch is in bad condition, the clutch moves slowlier than usual. After a few minutes of running, the clutch becomes hot. Moreover, after you disengage the clutch, it still works for some seconds.

4. What tools to replace a PTO clutch?

In the very instructions, the below home tools can help the replacing work easier:

  • An adjustable wrench.
  • A screwdriver.
  • A pair of heavy-duty gloves.

Final thoughts

It is necessary to know how to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower. A bag clutch isn’t only the cause of the loud noise but also can damage the motor, blades, and belt. Buying a new PTO clutch is a tiny sum of money. Let’s eagerly take the very process. Although the steps are easy to follow, you need to have some safety precautions. This can help you reduce the risk of accidents.

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