How to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram effectively? 5 Simple steps guide with videos

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This article will show you how to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram. You can deal with the loose belt in just a few minutes. Moreover, a good installation can help the belts be stable. Nevertheless, it is a heavy load.

There are some cases where you need to repair the lawnmower belt:

  • You have maintenance. You replace the belts once a year.
  • The belts throw down when you are cutting the grass.
  • The belts break suddenly.

The unexpected problems can give you headaches. Don’t worry because we can help you solve the problems with some proven methods. 

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What you should do before installing a belt

how to put a belt on a murray riding lawn mower diagram

Have a preparation

For safety, you should have some preparation before starting the repairing work. A sudden move of the blade or other moving parts can lead to a serious injury. To prevent the accident, you have some work to do:

  • Place the lawnmower on a flat surface.
  • Switch off the power of your lawnmower. 
  • Disconnect the spark plug.
  • The blades and other moving parts are in LOCK mode.
  • Set the mowing deck as low as possible.
  • Keep your key out of the ignition position.

It is good for you to start the work after everything cools down. 

Clean and check the pulleys

After a long time of work, the pulleys can passively collect some debris. This makes the belt slip. Therefore, dirty pulleys can make the belt wear out.

After doing the cleaning work, you can see the pulleys better. If the pulleys wear, you should replace them. Worn pulleys prevent your lawnmower from performing well because they will throw the belt off. 

This step helps you make sure that the problem doesn’t come from the pulleys. If the belt loses because of a bad pulley, you can not fix the problem by installing a new belt. 

In this case, a smart one will focus on repairing the pulleys.

Buy a suitable belt

Before buying a new one, let’s check the information on the belt. Or, you can look for it in the maintenance book. Besides, you can search it on Google. The new one should be the same size and the same length as the original. 

Required tools to put a belt on Murray lawn mowers

The belt can be worn after some working seasons. It’s impossible to improve the belt by repairing or adjusting it. The best way to maintain the situation is to replace a new one. 
If you have the right tools, you won’t need much effort to repair them. The following tools can make your work easier:

  • A suitable belt for the replacement.
  • A pair of thick gloves. It helps you with protecting your hands.
  • Some pliers. The more size the pliers you have, the easier the work will be.
  • A strong screwdriver.
  • A wrench. Let’s choose an adjustable one.

How to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram

The guidelines will be a bit different depending on the model. However, you can generally apply the following steps to all kinds of Murray lawnmowers.

Step 1: Find the best place for repairing work

You can install the new belt in your garage or the garden. It’s important to make sure that the place is clean because the pulley is vulnerable to debris. 

Besides, the surface should be flat. If it has some ups and downs, you will have some difficulties when you do the work.

Step 2: Remove the pins and the washers

The rear suspension arms have a lot of pins and washers. To remove the arms, you need to remove the pins and the washers. 

Removing the arms helps the installation go easier. In a lawnmower, the arms’ role is tightening the connection between the belt and the pulley. If the connection breaks, you can remove the belt faster.

To do that, you can follow the below steps:

  • Pull the spring pins of the arms.
  • Because it has a lot of hairpins, take a video to make sure that you don’t forget anything.
  • Store the pins and their washers in the same location. 
  • Have a new pin or washer if the present one wears.

Disconnecting the hairpins and washer helps you access the belt easier.

Step 3: Remove the first hanger

First, you lose the bolts. If you don’t do that, you must have a force to extract the hanger. The first hanger that we should remove is the front hanger. You must hold the mechanism in place, so do it politely. Put one hand on the joining rod’s end, the other one on the hanger. Then take it out of the lawnmower slowly.

Step 4: Remove the belt

  • Push the lever forward to set the parking mode.
  • Extract the idler pulleys.
  • Hold the belt and use your hands to move around the drive pulley.
  • Put the end of the belt through the shift lever. Then push the belt under it.
  • Go on the step until you can remove the belt.

Step 5: Install the belt

  • Place the belt in the hole between the stack pulley and the belt plate.
  • Then push the belt into the frame through the shift lever.
  • Put the end of the belt on the pulley. 
  • Place the belt on the idler pulley. The flat side of the belt is connected to the idler pulley. Don’t make things twisted.
  • Adjust the clutch.
  • Install the belt guides and the housing.

Step 5: Try starting the lawnmower

When you finish the reattachment, start the engine to check the performance of the whole part. If it doesn’t have any strange sound, the work is done.


Final thoughts

A lawnmower is a powerful machine for gardening. Although it is reliable, a lawnmower needs maintenance to perform well. After some working seasons, the belt will get worn. At that time, the only choice for you is to replace a new drive belt for your Murray lawn mower. It is not a difficult task but will take time. 

Now, we have told you how to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram. The method above is an effective one for all kinds of Murray lawn mowers. The removal and installment will be as easy as a piece of cake if you follow the step-by-step guide. 

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