How to put a belt on a John Deere lawn mower? 8 Simple steps with video to follow

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When using a lawnmower, you may find the belt of your lawnmower loose or even unfixable wear and tear. At that time, you are planning to replace a new one. The following guide will assist you in your installation process. This article will show you How to put a belt on a John Deere lawn mower.  

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What should you do before installing a belt?

how to put a belt on a john deere lawn mower

1.Turn the belt inside-out

Because there are two sides to these belts: a flat side and a V-shaped side, when you receive the belt in a loop, turn it over if needed. While you install the belt, make sure that the V-shaped side goes on the inside and the flat side rests on the outside.

2. Adjust to the correct sides of the pulleys

There are two sides to the pulleys as well. You can see a flat pulley and a V-pulley on the lawnmower. The flat side of the pulley will go with the flat side of the belt, and the V-side of the pulley will accept the V-side of the belt. Thus, before installing them, you should check to see if they are placed correctly.

Required tools to put a belt on a john deere lawn mower

  • A pair of safety gloves
  • Set of Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Woodblocks or a lawnmower lift

How to put a belt on a john deere lawn mower

Following are the steps on how to put a belt on a john deere lawn mower:

Step 1: Take Off The Shields

There are a few bolts to protect the shields, so you had better take them off to unhook the shields.

Remember to take off the shields on both sides.

Step 2: Take Out The Old Belt

In this step, take the old belt out. Do not forget to get them by the same inch as your lawnmower.

Step 3: Unhook The Deck

Afterward, take off a part of the deck. To do that, you need to take out the double-pin and drop the brass bar.

Once sliding the brass bar out, you had better be able to slip out the deck quickly.

Step 4: Clean The Deck

Once the deck section and old belts are off, blow compressed air. This will help to eliminate the excess debris.

Step 5: Wrap The Belt

According to the John Deere lawnmower diagram, if you’re contented with the cleaning, feed your new belt around the pulley.

Step 6: Take Off The Belts (If Needed)

If you find Some of the pulleys a bit stubborn to deal with, you might have to take off those pulleys to get the belt around them.

Take out those specific pulley bolts and continue wrapping up the belts.

Step 7: Place Pulley Back

In this step, put the belt around the pulley, lift them and bolt them down again. You need to engage the blades to tighten the tension

Step 8: Tighten And Cover Shields

Go ahead and tighten around any of the remaining loose bolts in the small pulleys before covering up with the shields.

When being content with the pulley’s tension and having safely tightened them back in place, bolt in the plastic cover shields.


FAQs on putting a belt on a John Deere lawn mower

1. Why does my belt keep coming off my lawnmower?

When you see that your lawnmower keeps getting off, there can be two following main reasons. The first reason is that the belt is stretching owing to wear and tear. In order to fix this issue, you definitely need to replace the belt. The second reason is if the spring keeps the tension on the belt weak, which may happen when the lawnmower is getting older. To deal with it, you have to replace the parts with the spring.

2. Does a lawnmower belt stretch?

Lawnmower straps may stretch due to wear and tear to some degree. All rotary machines can be in this case. An extremely long period of constant use of these lawnmowers may stretch the belt a little bit. When the belt keeps on rotating at high RPMs and is also under load while it is in action, the belt can get warmed up and slowly starts losing its original shape.

3. Do you always have to remove the mower deck to change the belt?

No. There are various lawn mower kinds in which belts can be replaced without removing the mower deck. You should check the owner’s manual if this is possible with your lawnmower. If it is possible, always lower the mower deck to its lowest position, as explained in the above article, and then safely deal with the task of changing the belt. Removing the deck can give you one big advantage because it permits you to clean and check other vital parts’ condition.

4. How can I know if my lawnmower belt is not working correctly?

Most of the lawn mowers that utilize a belt will experience a problem or breakage somewhere in their lifespan. If a belt breaks, it will be clear to know what the problem is. However, there can be minor issues like the belt being too loose or too tight as well. The signs for these minor issues that you can see are uneven cutting, noisy blades, and vibrations. If you check the belt itself, you can also see signs of the following problems:

  • Sidewall damage: The belt has sidewall damage since the mower belt edges get rough over continuous use.
  • Burned sidewall: In general, the belt may get a burned sidewall which causes it to lose grip over time.
  • Extreme wear and tear: When you notice more excessive wear and tear, like a part of the belt that gets thinner or the outside of the belt has been scrapped off.

Final thoughts

The article above is written with the knowledge of a blogger who loves gardening. It is crucial to use the correct replacement belt with the same length and dimensions. You can follow the guide step-by-step to have a new brand belt put on your lawnmower successfully. The ways on how to put a belt on a John Deere lawn mower mentioned in this article certainly help you to take care of your lawnmower. Replacing the belt is not an uphill task, so you can do this at home. 

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