How to measure lawn mower cutting height? 5 Tips from mower experts

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The lawnmower is a useful device. It can make your landscapes more beautiful. When your grass and weeds have grown to a considerable height, you will need to mow them. But using a lawnmower and taking care of grass has never been easy. 

To cut grass effectively, you should learn all about the function of the mower. There are many types of lawnmowers in the market. You can choose riding lawn mowers or push behind ones. But there is one important function that everyone needs to know which is measuring lawn mower cutting height.

If you want to know How to measure lawn mower cutting height? you come in the right direction. Keep in mind the following article, we will tell you all about it.

Before measuring lawn mower cutting height

How to measure lawn mower cutting height

There are some notes for you before measuring lawn mower cutting height. First, you should know which kind of mower you are using. For each type of lawnmower, you have different options of cutting height to choose. You should read the instructions to know what those numbers mean, and which option offers the perfect cutting height for your lawn.

Second, you should search all about the function of your mower: Which power of engine your mower is using, style of blades,…

Finally, you should consider the type of grass that you want to cut. According to our research, almost all the users want to cut around the 1.5-2” mark. But with different types of grass, your cutting height varies too.

Warm-season grass (temperature not more than 80-95 degrees F):

1. Zoysia 0.5 – 1.5 inches
2. Bahia grass 2 – 3 inches
3. Bermuda grass 0.5 – 1.5 inches
4. Centipedegrass 1.5 – 2.5 inches
5. St. Augustine 2 – 4 inches

Cool-season grass (65-75 degrees F):

1. Buffalo Grass 2 – 3 inches
2. Ray grass 1.5 – 2.5 inches
3.  Tall fescue 2 – 4 inches
4. Fine fescue 1.5 – 2.5 inches

How to measure lawn mower cutting height

Have you ever measured the cutting height of your lawnmower? If not, try following our steps below. This is a manual way of measuring the cutting height, but its effectiveness will surely surprise you.

Step 1: Find the hard plane

We need to find a plane with a hard surface. Examples are a sidewalk or a footpath.

Step 2: Open the deck of the lawn mower

In each lawn mower, there is a deck to protect you from the blades. Let’s open the deck. 

Step 3: Take the measurement properly

We will measure the height from the ground to the saw blade with a ruler. To make it easier you can take a piece of wood inside the deck and start measuring the cutting height. We should use a piece of wood because it will be difficult to put a ruler on the deck and then mark the height on the log.

If you feel that the other way of measuring the cutting height is not effective, try this measurement. After mowing, measure the height of the small part of the lawn you just cut that is the machine’s cutting height. We will be successful with the two ways to measure the height we introduce.

Tips & Advice When measure lawn mower cutting height

To help us make the cutting height measurement of the lawnmower more accurate, here are a few tips and tricks for you.

Tip 1: Apply rules one third

This rule keeps our grass healthy. With the ideal height of the grass, we will let the grass grow by a third and then cut it to the ideal height. We should not spend too much time having to measure our lawn too many times. Draw a line across the lawnmower wheel that is one-third taller than the right wall height. Very good advice for you to try and experience.

Tip 2: Cut at the right height

To mow the lawn properly, we need to follow the prescribed process. It is necessary to ensure the appropriate height for the grass or else. It will cause an uncomfortable feeling, not eye-catching to us.

Tip 3: Do not cut the grass scheduled to be up available.

Working on a pre-arranged schedule is one of the most effective methods of working. But for lawn mowing, is completely different. We need to check the height of the lawn regularly. If it is more than a third of the ideal height then it is time to mow the lawn. We mow grass not on a schedule because grass grows based on many different natural factors. So it’s only when we check that we know when to cut the lawn.

Tip 4: Sharp blade

The sharpness of the blade is essential for clean and smooth lawn mowing. If the blade is not sharp, even if you measure the height of the grass accurately, it will not be possible to cut the grass. In such a situation, when cutting, the grass will be stretched and not able to grow as it was originally.

Further reading: How to sharpen reel mower blades?

Tip 5: Align the right time to cut

Accurate height measurement, cutting blades also need to be sharp but also need to know how to cut at the right time. Many people usually cut the lawn in the morning, but this is not the ideal time to mow. We should mow the lawn early in the evening when the grass is dry. This will make our mowing easier. During the day, the heat is very high, if mowing the lawn will make the grass very bad.

Final thoughts

This article is our answer to the question: “How to measure lawn mower cutting height?”. We hope it is informative and useful for you. Making a beautiful lawn is a hard task. You have to learn all the things about your grass types, your lawnmower, and how it works.

Find out the best target height of your grass, and then start measuring your lawn mower cutting height. We indicated the step above as well as the precaution you should keep in mind. Hopefully, you have the best lawn as fast as possible. See you soon!

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