How to make a lawn mower go faster? 2 Effective methods for you

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How to make a lawn mower go faster? Do you think that the slow speed of the lawnmower is kind of time-consuming? Because your time is precious, don’t waste your whole weekend tidying the grass. This article will help you understand more about the moving mechanism of a lawnmower. We also give you some effective ways to improve the speed.

Which components can make a lawnmower fast?

how to make a lawn mower go faster

1. The lawnmower pulley system

You can increase the speed of your lawnmower by changing the size of the pulleys. A small adjustment gives a huge effect. To have a faster lawnmower, you should:

  • Change the pulley connected to the back to a bigger size.
  • Change the pulley connected to the engine to a bigger size. You can find this type of pulley at the crankshaft.

2. The spring in the governor

The governor helps control the flow of fuel. Thanks to this, the lawnmower works stably at certain points. Moreover, the engine will not work hard or go over the speed limit.

If you want to have a faster move, let’s have some adjustments to the spring. The shorter the spring is, the faster the machine is. Therefore, the right thing is to reduce the length of the spring. 

In some cases, the method isn’t effective. You can deal with the problem by removing the spring completely.

3. The filter that helps the fuel meet clean air

The air filter plays an important role in your carburetor. It helps the fuel burn better because the airflow has more oxygen. 

If the air filter is full of dirt and debris, it is difficult for the airflow to get in. Therefore, you should keep the air filter clean. You can clean the foam filter after 50,000 hours of use. And you should replace the paper filter after every 30,000 hours. 

4. The oil for the piston

The good oil helps the engine work smoothly. It also can reduce the heat. If you change the oil regularly, you can keep the engine in a well-being condition.

Moreover, a good oil can improve the rotation of the blade. The more seamless the blade is, the faster the lawnmower goes. 

You should choose the oil that is specially produced for the piston. The low-quality oil can damage the engine. 

9 Effective methods to make a lawnmower go faster

1. Have a good maintenance

You should focus on maintaining the moving parts. Maintenance gives you a dual benefit. It not only increases the speed but also extends the lifespan.

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2. Check the tire

  • Make sure that the tire is well inflated. 
  • Pump both of the tires at the same pressure. 
  • Clean the tire.
  • Repair or replace a tire if it wears or has some holes.

The tire has a great effect on the speed of your lawnmower. Before starting cutting, you should look around the tires. You can ride faster with good condition tires. 

3. Use good fuel

The good fuel burns better. It is also pure and discharges just a little debris. You should use the oil that meets the 92 octane standards or a better one. 

The right fuel can stimulate the engine’s performance. It helps the engine work at max speed. Therefore, you can increase the speed without adjusting or replacing anything.

4. Pour enough oil

We need oil for lubricating the engine. Oil also helps the moving mechanism go smoother. In fact, friction is the reason that leads to a worn moving part. 

You should change the oil regularly. If the oil is under the correct level, you can add some oil. 

5. Check the air filter

The air filter prevents the debris from getting into the carburetor. However, a dirty one can cut the airflow. If the fuel doesn’t meet the oxygen in the air, it can’t burn. As a result, the engine doesn’t have good performance. Moreover, it can slow down the speed of the lawnmower.

The air filter is designed at the top of the engine. You can easily find it under the metal shroud. 

For better performance, you should keep the lawnmower clean. To the foam filter, you can clean it with dishwashing liquid. To the paper filter, you should replace it after each working season.

6. Upgrade the tires

You can increase the speed by replacing the set of tires. The bigger tires help the lawnmower move better. When choosing the new tires, you should notice that:

  • The new tires must fit the axle.
  • The width of the tires should be the same as the present ones.

You also need to adjust the mower decker. A set of bigger tires can hurt the performance of the cutting blade. Upgrading the set of tires is expensive. If money is not your problem, the new set of tires can satisfy your expectations. 

7. Have a sharp blade

The lawnmower can’t cut the grass fast with a dull blade. And it leads to a terrible effect on the mowing work. 

If you have a cheap blade, you should sharpen blades regularly to increase the speed. If the blades are in very bad condition, you can have a new set. This upgrade helps improve the performance of the lawnmower a lot. However, it is a big expense.

8. Take off the spring in the governor

The governor keeps the engine work in a restricted area. The lawnmower won’t move faster than the expected range speed. For a faster move, you need to break the breeze. To do that, you can remove the spring, the bolts, or the screws in the governor. 

9. Upgrade the pulley

Upgrading the pulley can help the speed surge spectacularly. The upgrading is simple in some lawnmower models and complicated in others. 

However, you can follow the following principles:

  • The extra size should be between 0.5 to 1 inches. 
  • The new pulley must be fixed right to the lawnmower.

Final thoughts

Let’s take notice of the mechanisms above. Moreover, following the 9 suggested methods can help you increase your lawnmower easily. How to make a lawn mower go faster, the steps are ready for you. The effectiveness is proved.

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