How to install clutch return spring for craftsman mower – Detailed process

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The return spring’s role is constantly pulling the clutch. Come through the mower blade. Remove the housing. Then you can see the clutch connected to the spring. With a bad-state return spring, the clutch pedal can’t perform correctly. If the return spring is in a good condition, it pushes the pedal up and down in a perfect process. The return spring makes a great enhancement to the mower performance.

Not every type of mower originally has a return spring. People like to install a spring to the mower clutch as a method to enhance the mower performance. It is useful for you to know how to install a clutch return spring for a Craftsman mower. Let’s go through the piece of knowledge. Then you can have a mower upgraded at your home.

When you should install a clutch return spring

how to install clutch return spring for craftsman mower

There is a fact that, without a spring, the mower can perform extremely well. The pedal clutch can push and pull constantly, thanks to the hydraulic pressure plate. Installing a return spring isn’t a must. However, it can stimulate the movement of the pedal. Overall, the mower will become more efficient with powerful runs. You should have a return spring in the clutch pedal if you see that:

  • The pedal seems sticky.
  • There is a shifting problem in the pedal.
  • The pedal performs unevenly. 
  • The mower seems overloaded.
  • The bearings wear faster than the lifespan that the manufacturer gives.
  • The master cylinder can’t move back totally.

How to install clutch return spring for craftsman mower

Necessary tools:

  • A screwdriver that has a flathead.
  • One more screwdriver that is extra-long.
  • A 7mm socket wrench.
  • The lubricating liquid.

Step 1: Disengage the mower

First, turn the mower off. Then disconnect the spark plug and the ignition wire. Then push the blade lever to disengage this. The preparation helps prevent the mower from starting suddenly. 

Step 2: Remove the housing

  • To the front seat, adjust the seat all the way back. If the seat goes lower, it is easier for you to reach the inner parts.
  • If you are tall, you need to move the back down as well.

Step 3: Extract the lower dash

The dash stays on the screwdriver, thank the bolts. The bolts are 7mm in size. And so, let’s choose a suitable screwdriver according to the bolts. Then disconnect the switch button and the trunk release. In this step, a flat-head screwdriver can help you. After that, you can extract the lock plastic. You should know that the wires are extra thin. Be careful. If not, you can damage the wires or even break them.

Step 4: Extract the kick panel

The kick panel stays on the mower, thanks to 2 tabs. The tabs are made from plastic. And so, you should release them with a flat head screwdriver. Do the step politely. Then you don’t break the tabs. 

Step 5: Disconnect the clutch and the electric components

Look at the PTO clutch and the brake switch. You can see some wires. Disconnecting the wire gives you a clearer view of the clutch return spring. 

Step 6: Extract the switch of the clutch

A flat head screwdriver helps you do the very step. Press the screwdriver on the tabs to release the switch. It isn’t easy to remove the clutch switch. You need the patient to be successful.

Step 7: Break the clutch pedal connection

You can’t extract the clutch return spring if the clutch pedal and the master are still in a connection. The below process can help you:

  • Release the lock fastener with a flathead screwdriver.
  • There is nothing difficult. Just have some prying, then a light pushing. You can remove the lock fastener right away.
  • After you release the lock fastener, you tug the master on. Then remove the pedal.

Step 8: Extract the old clutch return spring

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Now is the time to extract the spring. Remove it politely, let the plastic parts and the bushings in their place. Use the lubricant liquid to lube those parts. Lube some more to the top part of the pedal. This step will help the reinsert become easier. 

Step 9: Install clutch return spring for craftsman mower

This step is the most challenging part of the very process. To do the step, you need the vice grip. Start the step from the middle of the spring. Insert the spring into the vice grip. Grab the middle of the spring to the top of the clutch pedal. Then you use the vice grip to grip the spring. 

Next, install one side of the spring into one hinge. Use your other hand to push the spring. This helps you install the other side of the spring to the left hinge easier. If you don’t have a vice grip, it is difficult for you to stabilize the spring while you install it into the hinges.

About the spring, as you know, the spring has a w shape. People divide the spring into two parts. To the middle part, you need to connect it to the clutch pedal. To the two heads of the spring, you install them to the hinges.

Step 10: Reinstall the parts

  • Reinstall the master to its place. Then connect it with the wires. 
  • Reinstall the bolts, the housing, and the nuts.
  • Push the blade lever to set it to engage mode.
  • Connect the spark plug and the ignition wire.


1. How to determine the suitable return spring for the pedal?

You can search on Amazon to find a suitable spring. If you aren’t sure that the spring is suitable or not, you can call the dealer for the consultancy. 

2. How long is the return spring?

A normal return spring will be 2.5 inches long. And the diameter is 0.5 inches.

3. Is it true that all models of Craftsman mowers use one type of spring?

Yes, it is. The spring described above can be used for many mowers. It isn’t only suitable for all Craftsman mowers, but also some different brands.

Final thoughts

The return spring is cheap. However, the benefit that you can get is big. Buying a new spring only takes you $8. Then you can enhance the performance of the pedal, the clutch, and the whole machine.

How to install a clutch return spring for the Craftsman mower process is simple for everyone. With some home tools, you can complete the installation in about fifteen minutes. Even if there is nothing difficult, don’t forget to wear heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands.

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