How to fix a self propelled lawn mower?

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Self-propelled lawn mowers are machines that have a lot of advanced technologies applied to enhance the customer experience. Therefore, it is inevitable that the machine will fail after being used for a while. This is definitely a big deal for first-time self-propelled lawnmowers. So how are we going to solve this problem? Let’s find out with us in this article: How to fix a self propelled lawn mower?.

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How to fix a self propelled lawn mower

1. Self-propelled feature not working

It is very common for self-propelled lawn mowers to have problems with the actual self propel feature. If this is the case, find the cable running down from the handlebar and straight to the transmission box. Check if this has been damaged due to mechanical wear and tear. Once you see signs of rips and tears on the said cable, then you will have to replace it with a new one so that the transmission box can once again drive the wheels correctly.

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2. Transmission is unnecessarily clogged up 

To troubleshoot the transmission, start by removing the cover and checking for dirt, debris, packed grass clippings, wood chips, and other random materials which may be the cause of the transmission clogging up. Another thing that you have to check is the lubrication of the transmission. The transmission must be thoroughly lubricated so that it operates correctly. The lubrication of the transmission is a commonly overlooked maintenance task that can easily lead to the failure of the entire self-propelled system.

3. Gears and wheels are not turning

The gears and wheels may not be turning properly. If that is the case, then you have to check whether there are any materials stuck in the gears or wheels. It is also important to check whether or not the wheels and gears are sufficiently lubricated, especially the drive wheels. Also, check if the wheels look already worn out as that may signal you that you already need to find a replacement for it.

4. Lawn mower blade not turning

There are cases when the lawn mower’s blade itself is not turning. To troubleshoot this concern, start by turning the equipment over on its side and then check for any material that may be obstructing the blade from correctly turning, seeing to it that the blade is really sharp and correctly attached to its proper torque ratings. Loose blades wobble easily during lawn mowing which can significantly affect the performance of your lawn mower. It is also dangerous since the blades may become unattached and fly off, causing injuries to people around.

5. Engine not properly starting

There will come a time when the engine itself is not starting. For this issue, troubleshoot by checking the battery, ensuring that it has full voltage, as well as the starter for its correct voltage. You have to do away with drained batteries or burned-out spark plugs as these are the common causes for the self-propelled lawn mower engineer not starting. In case that the problem is sputtering, dying out, or surging, then the problem lies with the fuel system so check it out.

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6. Oil fuel

With self-propelled machines running on gasoline, we always have to pay attention to the problem of changing oil for the machine. Make sure that the old oil is completely removed when changing the oil before adding new oil. Machines that have not been used for a long time, check whether the fuel tank has a bad smell or not. Remove all fuel, change the filter, and refill with new fuel. Note that with a 4-cylinder machine we do not need to mix oil with gas.

7. Machine power cord

With corded electric lawn mowers, this is one of the most important parts. Before starting the machine, check the cable and socket carefully to ensure the safety of the user. Always keep the air filter and carburetor to keep the engine in top condition.

FAQs on self-propelled lawn mower repair

how to fix self propelled lawn mower

1. Can the self-propelled lawn mower be pushed when it stops working?

The self-propelled lawn mower can be pushed when broken. But because the weight of the self-propelled lawn mower is much larger than that of a normal lawn mower, it will require a lot of force to push. When pushing the self-propelled lawn mower, it will not affect the transmission line inside the machine.

2. What are the signs that the machine’s actuator is having problems?

The transmission is one of the main parts that make the self-propelled lawn mower able to operate smoothly. So no matter what the problem with the actuator we need to grasp it well.

During operation, if the moving pulley rotates but the lawn mower wheel does not rotate, you need to immediately replace the transmission. When the machine is off, check the cable running from the handlebar down to the transmission for wear or not. Requires immediate replacement.

3. Is the price for a self-propelled lawn mower repair expensive?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are quite expensive to buy, but the cost of maintenance is slightly lower than other lawn mowers. The cost for a lawn mower repair will fall in the range of $40 – $90. It will vary in this range depending on the part you repair and possibly the zip code. Usually repairing small machines will cost about $36, a large self-propelled lawn mower will be about $72.

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4. Are there ways to test traction control cables?

To see if the tensile cable is stable, we can use long-range temperature and strain measurements along with a given optical fiber. We also have a new optical sensor based on pre-excited Brillouin scattering. The resulting optical effect will be like a sensor element that checks the cable without having to deal with the cable through any process.

Final thoughts

Self-propelled lawn mowers are always highly appreciated by customers. The number of customers using this product line is very large, so there will be more or fewer failures on this machine. Hopefully, the information we give in this article will help you have more understanding about this self-propelled lawn mower. Or at least it will help you solve the problem you are having. It can also be a guide to help you have more options if you are planning to buy a good lawn mower. Thank you for reading our article.

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