How to cut tall grass with a riding mower? 7 Simple steps to follow

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Riding a mower helps you deal with overgrown grass. It has the ability to tackle the high and hard lawn.  

If you think that any type of mower can cut the overgrown grass effectively, you are wrong. In fact, cutting this type of garden will distribute a lot of mulch. Moreover, the blades will have some problems with the deck. It is easy to get clogged. If you choose the wrong type of mower, you will feel annoyed. And so, you will waste your time cleaning the grass.

Knowing how to cut tall grass with a riding mower gives you huge advantages. Following the below steps helps you protect the mower from damages. The right process doesn’t only help you finish the job quickly, but also effectively.

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How to cut tall grass with a riding mower

how to cut tall grass with a riding mower

Necessary tools:

These items will help you complete the process without effort. They are home tools. However, if you can’t find a single item on the list, you can skip it.

  • Your riding mower.
  • A grass collector bag.
  • String trimmer.
  • Heavy-duty gloves.
  • Heavy-duty goggles.
  • Rake.

Step 1: Have some preparations

Look around the garden and collect some unwanted materials. This helps protect your lawnmower. Indeed, the operation will be easier and smoother.

  • First, you should wear protective gloves. 
  • Collect the stones, twigs, and unwanted material. Then throw them away.
  • Collect sprinklers, garden hoses, and other types of piles. Extract them and put them away. This is necessary because the riding mower can break them up.
  • Pots need extracting as well.
  • Use the rake to remove the mulch that covers the grass. If you don’t do that, your riding mower will easily get stuck.
  • It will be perfect if you can remove all the unwanted things. Let’s do the collecting as much as you can. Then start the next steps.

Step 2: If the grass is higher than 2 feet, you need to cut to it

If the grass height is over 2 feet, you should cut the top layer. The following steps can help you:

  • Working with the string trimmer may be dangerous. To protect your eyes from flying debris, you should wear heavy-duty goggles. 
  • You shouldn’t put the blade in a high position. It should be at least one foot in height from the grass.
  • However, you shouldn’t put the blade in a super low position as well. It should be at least half a foot in height from the ground. This is the proper height for a riding mower to work.
  • You just need to trim the overgrown grass area. 
  • Then use your grass bag to collect the debris. 

This step helps prevent your mower from getting stuck when working. Moreover, the riding mower can cut more evenly.

Step 3: Take care of the lawn before the second cut

Let the lawn rest for about two days. It needs to recover after being cut by the trimmer. It can minimize the damages. Moreover, you can move more effectively the second time. You can do it by the following guide:

  • After you do the trimming, you water the lawn right away. You should water it again the next morning. 
  • In the rest time, you should prevent stepping on the lawn. 
  • When you see that the grass stands up, it almost recovers.
  • After it stands up, if you see that the grass is still long, you can trim it again.

The rest helps the grass stand up. Therefore, the riding mower can perform more smoothly.

Step 4: Get your mower ready

If you don’t have a trimmer, you can skip the above steps. Now, let’s go on with the riding mower. You need some preparation as well. We will show you the tips:

  • Install the collection bag for the riding mower.
  • Start the engine to check the performance of the collection bag.
  • Sitting on the riding mower to operate it. 
  • Disengage the riding mower to prevent accidents. 
  • Put the gears in the LOCK position.
  • Then have some adjustments.
  • Set the mower throttle at the slowest speed. The maintenance book will show you the minimum speed.
  • Adjust the deck at the highest position. Check the maintenance book to learn it. 
  • Drive the riding mower close to the garden that needs cutting.
  • Engage the blades.

Step 5: Start to cut the grass

  • Push the throttle pedal. Then the riding mower goes forward slowly.
  • For a more even cut, you cut back the lawn. Then cut it the second time. 
  • The deck must be at the highest position.
  • If you have an extra-large garden, you should rest every 10 minutes.

Step 6: Check the grass bag

  • If the cut lawn isn’t even, the grass bag may be full.
  • Now, it’s time to empty the grass bag.
  • You should throw the cut grass away from the lawn.
  • The lawn is as perfect as you desire.

After you finish mowing the lawn, you can cut the grass one more time if you want. However, you should rest the grass for at least 24 hours before starting the third time. This helps protect the grass from damages.

Step 7: Cut the grass for the last time

If the first mow can’t satisfy you, you can do it for the second time. This time, you can cut the grass shorter and more evenly. Here is what you can do:

  • To start the riding mower again, you go again with step 4. However, you can adjust the deck at a lower level.
  • Adjust the throttle lower. This helps you cut more evenly.
  • Run the engine until you finish the task. However, at this time, you needn’t collect the grass. 

By now, you tackle the overgrown garden. How to cut tall grass with a riding mower isn’t as difficult as you think. Don’t hesitate. You just need to do it step-by-step.

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Advice when cut tall grass with a riding mower

  • Be careful when you cut thick trees. Should not attempt to cut the weeds that are thicker than your thumb. Instead, you can cut them before mowing.
  • You should beware of the stumps. If the stumps go inside the blades deck, they can be stuck in the deck. 
  • Just mow slowly. The overgrown garden may have lots of kinds of animals in it. Running the mower slowly gives them time to escape.
  • If you want to ride at a higher speed, let’s adjust the plastic hood to 1–2 inches higher. However, the debris will fly higher. You should be careful to prevent damage.

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Final thoughts

Now, you know how to cut tall grass with a riding mower. Overgrown gardens are never enticing. In fact, it can annoy you as well. 

Moreover, if you have a large garden, you should have some maintenance. Don’t forget to pour the fuel tank at the highest level, clean the debris, and sharpen the blade. They help enhance the performance of the riding mower.

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