How to change PTO clutch on lawn mower? 9 Simple steps for you

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What problems have you encountered when using a lawn mower? What is the problem that you find really difficult to solve? According to our assessment and analysis, replacing the clutch is one of the biggest problems when using a lawn mower. So how to change PTO clutch on lawn mower? Let’s find out the cause and come up with the best solutions.

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What causes a bad PTO clutch?

To offer the best and most reasonable alternative or repair methods, we need to understand the cause of the PTO clutch bad. Here we will bring to you the main reason why the PTO clutch is bad.

How to change PTO clutch on a lawn mower?

1. The old PTO clutch pack brake disc is no longer suitable

The problem here is when the clutch PTO is still rotating but the PTO is not working. The revs decreased from 1500 to less than 1000 RPM. Poor regulation of the PTO control valve caused it to only connect but not work or only partially connect. An indicator of this is the reduced engagement RPM. When the flow and pressure of the lawn mower increase, the PTO will immediately stop working.

2. The connection between the drive shaft runs from the clutch to the rear transmission.

The PTO case is mechanical and is equipped with two levers. One is for the clutch disc and the other is for moving the PTO. It is easy to see that the driveshaft from the crankshaft running from the PTO clutch to the rear transmission will cause the RPM to slow down and change the interaction. This will cause the PTO to interrupt. Some other cases will have a single speed or maybe double speed when in the neutral position.

In other cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the lever of the PTO clutch. The bad effect of the PTO clutch comes from the fact that each link of the lever is bent. The cause is not only from the clutch lever but also related to the rear transmission. If the clutch does not work or is damaged, the rear case is bent or disconnected.

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3. Active lead to overloading

With most PTO clutches it is not externally adjusted. All part connections are internal. Therefore, when the PTO clutch malfunctions, the overactivity leading to overload is one of the main causes. PTO clutch rings and shafts should be regularly inspected and replaced if necessary. In the absence of a sliding clutch, these will be the two most active parts of the machine. Because of this, it is very easy to be overloaded if not used scientifically.

How to change a PTO clutch on a lawn mower?


PTO clutches are often used for large lawn mowers to attach the saw blade to the machine. So, after understanding the cause, we will need to come up with reasonable and correct alternatives. This is not an easy job, but it is not too difficult either. We will introduce to you the following steps to replace the PTO clutch.

Step 1: Adjusting the lawn mower

Raise the lawn mower to a height just enough to work underneath it. If there is a lifting table or chain hoist, it will be very convenient for this to ensure the safety of the repairman.

Step 2: Stretch the belt tension of the machine

We will remove the safety cap and check the blade drive belt tensioner. Release the force and remove the belt from the pulley of the electric PTO clutch. For a quick release, we need to use 1/2 inch square steer rods into the square hole in the tension arm and rotate the lever away from the sling. With the belt tensioner adjusted, the thread bolts will loosen for best belt tension.

Step 3: Clutch wire adjustment

To be able to adjust the clutch wire to the correct position, we need to determine the position of the clutch plug. Then disconnect it from the harness and then push the cord through the hole that connects to the deck of the lawn mower.

Step 4: Remove bolts

We need to remove the bolt to hold the clutch to the crankshaft of the lawn mower engine. In case the bolt is too tight to be removed, we will need to loosen the 4 bolts that hold the motor to the floor of the breaker. It will then pry the engine up about 1/4 inch to create an opening to remove the bolts.

Step 5: Groove in the body of the clutch

First, remove the clutch from the crankshaft of the lawn mower engine. Particular attention should be paid to the relationship of the groove and the means of preventing the clutch from rotating. This is the piece of iron welded to the underside of the engine deck in a groove in the PTO clutch.

Step 6: Use new clutches instead of old parts

Replace the new clutch slide into the engine crankshaft. Make sure the key fob drives and rests on the groove of the elbow area. Along with that is to attach a device to keep the clutch from working while replacing.

Step 7: Replace bolts

Using a small threaded vial will immediately increase the strength of the Loctite. Then will put the bolt on the crankshaft end. Then tighten with socket and breaker bar.

Step 8: Proceed to tighten the bolts

With the bolts attached to the engine, we need to tighten it. Depending on the case it will connect to the power plug. But you also need to connect the power cord plug with a wrench.

Step 9: Final check overall.

Replace the blade drive belt then start the lawn mower. Carefully check the operation of the PTO clutch. If the blade belt is worn or no longer of the same quality as before, we should always replace the blade belt cover to make the machine operate with the highest productivity.

Final thoughts

Hope today’s article will help you know how to change PTO clutch on lawn mower. This will not be easy but if done correctly I am sure that you will succeed. Can you start fixing your lawn mower now and share your experience with us?

Thank you for viewing our article. Wish you good results! Have a good day!

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