How to change lawn mower tire? A complete guide for beginners

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Tires are an important part of a lawn mower. A good lawn mower will have the right tires, this part affects how the others work. You not only need to maintain the tires of the riding lawn mower, but also the walk-behind one. Almost every lawn mower comes with a set of tires. 

During the use of lawn mowers you will face some errors from parts and tires are no exception. If you are a beginner, you may get confused with issues. Changing lawn mower tires is not easy. Many users want to replace this for more comfort when cutting glass. Have you ever wondered how to change a lawn mower tire? We are here to help you answer this question. Follow to the end of the article to have more overview.

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How to change a lawn mower tire

how to change lawn mower tire

Step 1: Disconnect the spark plug from other parts

During the repair process, for safety, we need to disconnect the spark plug. Make sure the spark plug is in the gear. Lifting the cover of the lawn mower, disconnecting the spark plug wire will ensure that the machine does not start unexpectedly so as not to cause unfortunate incidents.

Step 2: Lock the lawn mower down

Put the lawn mower in gear as well as the parking brake so that it does not roll and the tires are kept in place while you are working on it. The rim should be left on the axle as this can provide you with all the leverage you need for this job. You can cut a significant amount of time off of the required time to complete the task if you just leave the axle on the rim.

Step 3: Get it off the lawn 

Basically, you have to lift the lawn mower using a floor jack. The floor jack should be positioned under the frame rail or cross member as doing so will help you prevent any damages to the lawn mower. Crank your floor jack so that the tire will be raised off the ground. As a safety measure, lifting the mower should be done on a level ground, which is preferably cement or store. Do not forget to engage the jack’s safety lock as that can prevent fatal accidents too.

Step 4: Before you change the tires

change lawn mower tire

It should be good to note that not all lawn mower tires have the same design – they vary. Some of the lawn mower tires have the front tires on spindles, thus you will have to remove its black rubber boot covering the spindle beforehand. You better prepare a pair of pliers, flathead screwdriver, and other tools to ensure the proper removal of the C-clips and rubber boot on the spindle of the tire you want to take off.

Step 5: The first step is to remove the tire

change lawn mower tire

Inside the tire, the outside will be protected by a small metal C-clamp. We’ll need to Ply it out using a flathead screwdriver. The C-clip is an important part so be sure to keep it in place carefully when removing it from the tire.

We will start removing from the scrap cover then the tire washers. Be careful with the tire ring as without it we will not be able to get the job done. We will use pliers to remove the pin on the wheel then let it slide off the axle.

Step 6: Break the lawn mower beads

As soon as you get access to your mower’s valve core, you need to start releasing air from the tire carefully. That can be easily done by just unscrewing the mower’s valve core and then replacing it with another one later. Break the outside and inside beads with the use of tire irons, ensuring that the rims are not hit. The inner tube must be removed next. Work on the outside and inside bead after that.

Step 7: Getting the new tires on

The beads should be thoroughly lubricated with a tire lube. You should then set your tire onto your rim at right about 45-degree. Force this rim inside of your tire as much as you can. The tire iron can then be used to work on the beads right around the rim. After that, you can insert your inner-tube in case you have one in your position.

Step 8: Finish the tire change process

You should use the ratchet strap to secure the beads of the tires. Adjust the valve core of the tire, be careful not to adjust it too strongly, it will cause the valve core of the tire to be bent. Attach the air hose to the tire. Inflate the tire carefully making sure the tire is firmly attached to the rim. Tires that do not come off during operation will be very dangerous. We need to continuously check the tire pressure and pump until the PSI range reaches the specified point. 

Step 9: Install the wheel and lower the mower to its original position

Replace the wheel washer and return the tire to the original axle. Fix the lawn mower’s C-clip then the debris cap. Check the jack under the chassis if there is a problem, fix it and raise it so that it can support the blade when the machine is working. Remove the stand and return the lawn mower to its original position. Finally, reconnect the spark plugs. Work has been completed.


This is a product with many details, parts that are linked together. So in each part of the lawn mower, we need to have careful notes before we want to change.

  • Lawn mower tires are not too heavy even for high-power lawn mowers. But the tires of high-performance products such as lawn mowers will stick very tightly to the rim. When replacing tires, if you are not careful, it is easy to get a screwdriver shot into your hand, causing unnecessary harm.
  • The tires of the lawn mower are quite thick. Therefore, the amount of air pumped into the tire only needs to be moderate. If too much air is injected into the lawn mower’s tires, the speed of the lawn mower will be reduced. More dangerous could be a tire explosion. It also affects other components associated with the tire.
  • When buying lawn mowers at genuine stores, we are always assured of the quality of the products provided. But it is also impossible not to prevent the lawn mower from having unexpected problems. Therefore, before starting the machine, please check once through the main connections of the machine to ensure our own safety.

FAQs on changing lawn mower tire

how to change lawn mower tire

After the above 2 parts, you may have some questions. Here are some common problems and solutions, let’s have a look!

1. Is it hard to change a lawn mower tire?

It seems hard to change lawn mower tire. But when you start replacing it, you will realize it is not as hard as it seems. You can follow our instructions above (9 steps) to make the repair process easier and more effective.

Changing a lawn mower tire will have some complicated steps, but always follow the instructions and note caution, you will succeed.

Watching the video for general view:

2. Does Walmart install lawn mower tires? 

It is a fact that not all Walmart stores repair or install lawn mower tires. Calling your local Walmart store directly is the most practical action for you to get the correct answer. Get in touch and require if they have services to replace lawn mower tires for you!

3. How do you change a lawn mower tire at home?

To be able to change lawn mower tires at home, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Place the jack holder under the frame to support the lawn mower to remove the jack.
  • Pull off the axle.
  • Cover, remove the retaining ring.
  • Pull off the washer.
  • Pull the tire off the axle.

4. How to seat a small tubeless tire?

If the bead has come off the rim, re-inflate a small tubeless tire may become very difficult. You can fix it in many ways like using a bead sealer or a homemade tubeless tire beading machine.


Final thoughts

Learning how to change lawn mower tire is a worthy action.  As you know, replacing the tires is crucial for improving the effectiveness of the mower. Hope the above information is useful to you. 

Follow our guide and remember the cautions. You will save time, money and the process of change will be more effective. If you need more advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Do not forget to review your experience in the comments below our article to bring information to other users. Good luck with your beautiful garden and perfect lawn mower! Have a good day!

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