How to adjust mower deck on Husqvarna zero turn? Problem solved

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Some factors can affect the efficiency of performance. To a Husqvarna lawnmower, there is a problem with the blade deck. As you know, the lawnmower from this brand is designed with a lower deck than other brands. 

With this design, you may have some difficulties working on uneven ground. To improve this, let’s have some simple adjustments. If the deck is at a certain height, its performance will be smoother. 

This article is a simple guide about how to adjust mower deck on Husqvarna zero turn. We ensure that you can finish the adjustment although you are a newbie. No step is complicated. You yourself can do it at home. 

How to adjust mower deck on Husqvarna zero-turn

how to adjust mower deck on husqvarna zero turn

Preparation is needed

Let’s take your guidebook to read about the recommended safety procedures. Overall, a pair of heavy-duty gloves are needed.  Moreover, you should disengage the moving parts. 

Now, let’s begin our steps: 

Step 1: Find a suitable place

Placing your lawnmower on a flat surface helps you do the work easier. The best places for you will be the sidewalk or the garage. 

Then you set the lawnmower into parking mode. Put your foot on the brake lever to turn it to switch mode. Then you disengage the cutting blades.

After that, you push the attachment lift lever as high as possible. You can find the lever on the left of the seat.

Last, you must cut the power of the spark plug. You disconnect the spark plug and the igniting wire. To do this, you open the top casing. You hold the engine, then extract the spark plug.

Step 2: Check the tire pressure

You should remember that you just start the repair after the lawnmower cools down. To do the measuring, you must repair a pressure meter. Now, it’s time to extract the valve.

The proper pressure for a Husqvarna lawn mower is at least 15 PSI. If the meter says that the pressure is lower than 15, your tire is flat. In this case, you should have a pump. If the set of tires is in the same lever, your lawn mower can work even on all kinds of surfaces. 

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Step 3: Check the height of your lawnmower

Just start working with the blades after you wear an anti-accident pair of gloves. First, you start with the left side. You need to measure the distance between the left end and the ground. Then do the same thing to the right side. 

You should write the numbers down. You need this information for the next steps. 

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Step 4: Determine the adjustment nuts position

You can’t adjust the height of the blade deck without the adjustment nuts. Your lawnmower has two height adjustment nuts. There is one on the right of the deck and the other on the left. 

To adjust the blade deck to a higher level, you turn the nut clockwise. To adjust it to a lower level, you turn the nut counterclockwise.

Whatever height you want to adjust. It is important to ensure that the deck is in a straight line.

Step 5: Measure the back and the front tips of the blades

You adjust the blades. It should be in a 90-degree direction. And so you can measure the distance between the blade tips and the ground. 

The distance of the front should be shorter than the back. The distance is ideal if it is ⅛” to ½” lower. 

If the measurement record isn’t in the proper range, you need to adjust the high of the deck. Go on with the adjustment until everything is right.

Step 6: Check the riding mower’s deck

You should have some adjustments to the riding deck as well. In the front of the Husqvarna lawnmower, there is a jam nut. To reach the adjustment jam nut, you use a wrench to extract the front casing of the lawnmower. You can find this nut between the two front wheels. 

You can easily adjust the height of the mowing riding deck by rotating the adjustment nut. An adjustable wrench will help you rotate better. Turn clockwise to adjust the front of the deck higher. In the same way, Turn counterclockwise to adjust the front of the deck lower.

Keep doing the process until you achieve the desired number. The distance of the front should be shorter than the back. The distance is ideal if it is ⅛” to ½” lower. 

Step 7: Install the jam nut

After the adjustment is completed, it’s time to reinstall the jam nut. To do this, you should have two adjustable wrenches. You use the first one for holding the adjustment nut. To the second wrench, you use it to tighten the jam nut. Remember that you should rotate it clockwise.

After that, you reinstall all extracted parts. Indeed, putting everything in willing-to-engage mode. Check the spark plug connection and the oil level as well. 

Now, adjusting the mower deck on Husqvarna zero turn process is finished. Start the engine and cut your lawn perfectly.

Some notices:

  • Pumping the tires over accepted pressure is a shouldn’t. 15 PSI or a little over is perfect for you.
  • If the pathway has some big stones or it is gravel, you should extract this to prevent damage.
  • How sharp the blades directly affect the effectiveness of cutting. Sharpening blades regularly is a must.

If you are not clear about how to adjust mower deck on Husqvarna zero turn, you can watch the video below:


1. Which tools will help the process easier?

They are:

  • A pressure meter.
  • A pump.
  • A measuring tape.
  • Two adjustable wrenches.

2. Which kind of pump will be preferred?

You can use a normal bicycle pump or an air compressor.

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Final thoughts

With how to adjust the mower deck on Husqvarna zero-turn process, you yourself can adjust the deck at home. The process seems long. However, it concentrates on three main subjects. They are adjusting the tire, the blades, and the deck. 

Adjusting the mower deck isn’t a difficult task. The procedure in this article can help you do this. 

The patient is the key to success. Therefore, let’s do it step by step. Then, you help the lawnmower cut smoother and more evenly. Don’t forget to have safety treatments since accidents can come anytime to anyone. 

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