How Much Does A Lawn Mower Weigh?

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There are many things you need to consider when choosing the best lawn mower for yourself. Have you ever wondered about How much does a lawn mower weigh? the average lawnmower weights? The average is important information for you to pick the right mower. The weight of a lawnmower can range from 99-100 pounds, often depending on the type of mower that you are mowing. Because of this, you will face many difficulties when you want to choose the desired one.

The average riding lawnmower weight is about 500 pounds. Otherwise, you should learn about the weight of fuel (about 6.3 pounds per gallon). Almost all fuel tanks one riding lawnmower hold about 1-3 gallons. The riding lawnmowers are much larger than these other types. Their weight is always over 300 pounds for a good one.

The push lawnmower is lighter. The average weight of these types is approximately 60-64 pounds. This walk-behind lawnmower fits a small to medium lawn. 

So, if you want to know “How much does a lawnmower weigh?”, you come in the right direction. Follow through the end and pick the perfect one for you!

How much does each part of a lawn mower weigh?

how much does a lawn mower weigh?

Have you ever seen lawn mowers? From the small ones to the big ones. Have you ever wondered how much they weigh? Creating a complete lawn mower depends on many other parts of the machine. Is a large, heavy lawn mower the result of parts in the machine? We will find out how the parts of the lawnmower weigh.

The engine of the machine

This is one of the most important parts of a lawn mower. According to reviews, the engine is the place that powers the machine and helps it complete its work. The engine takes up 20-25% of the performance of a lawn mower. It weighs about 70 to 120 pounds. On larger models, it can weigh more than 120 pounds. In some models, the difference in engine weight is not important, but with some high-end models, the weight difference also doubles the capacity. Typically, some models have 12HP with a weight of 330 pounds, but others have a 24HP with a weight of 550 pounds.

Lawn mower deck

The reason the deck of the lawnmower has a fairly large weight approximately equal to the engine is that inside the deck also contains some other parts of the machine. These are Deck shell, gauge wheels, belt, blades, chute, spindles, and covers. With all of these components housed in the engine deck, the deck would weigh at least 70 pounds. The maximum weight of the deck will fall to about 150 pounds. There is a peculiarity that the heaviest part of the deck is not the other parts but the shell of the deck. It is made from steel or heavy alloy. For lawnmowers with a three-shaft deck, that will weigh about 120 pounds. With a large weight, the machine will be more durable and overcome difficult terrain more easily.

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Lawn mower wheel

how much does a mower wheel weigh?

For models that are small and not too large, they will be equipped with wheels weighing about 8 pounds. It makes the wheel travel easier and faster. For large, high-powered machines can weigh up to 100 pounds. This is a durable and extremely sturdy polyurethane wheel. If you feel your cars are not heavy enough, we can add additional accessories to the car to make them more solid and durable.

How much does a zero-turn mower weigh?

how much does a zero-turn mower weigh?

After learning about the actual weight of the lawnmower parts. We will talk about the weight of different lawnmowers. 

With the line of non-rotating lawn mowers, we do not have a certain weight. The actual weight of the non-rotating lawnmower varies based on the purpose and needs of the customer. Household models of non-rotary lawnmowers range in weight from 250 to 400 pounds. The larger capacity models will fall in the 800 pounds. As for high-end models used to treat lawns in a large space, it will fall to about 1200 pounds.

To help you have more options for yourself in this segment, we would like to introduce the most outstanding lawn mower models. Husqvarna B00IE6Z0PW weighs 770 pounds, Husqvarna Zero Turn Sun Canopy weighs about 8.5 pounds.

How much does a riding lawn mower weigh?

How much does a riding lawn mower weigh?

The next product line is the riding lawnmower. When looking at this product like other lawnmowers we all know it is heavy. But in reality, it is impossible to know for sure how much it weighs because each product has little different parts. So we can only give a general estimate of the weight of these lawnmowers. 

A lawnmower like this will range in weight from 410 pounds to 580 pounds. The average weight of the machine will fall to about 485 pounds. According to experts, a typical lawnmower will weigh about 500 lbs. Depending on the other parts of the machine, the machine will have a larger weight.

For example, the Husqvarna YTH1942 with a weight of 479 pounds, the Craftsman 27343 gas-powered machine with a mass of 525 pounds.

How much does an electric lawn mower weigh?

How much does an electric lawn mower weigh?

Next, we will come to electric lawnmowers. This is an improved product from gas-powered machines. Its operating capacity and performance are also very large, not inferior to previous products. 

However, to maintain stability it needs to have a reasonable weight. Usually, electric-powered machines will weigh less than gas-powered ones. 

The difference comes from the fact that the deck of the electric lawn mower is much lighter in weight. The reason electric machines weigh less is that they want to apply many advanced technologies to the product and want the lawnmower to meet the standards of compactness and convenience. An electric lawn mower will weigh about 40 to 45 kg or 80 lbs or 100 lbs.

Final thoughts

The lawnmowers contain dangerous parts which can hurt you while mowing. So you should exercise caution and have to take care of your mower regularly. Furthermore, you have to study the manual which comes with the mower to know exactly how to use it. 

Work with it safely and efficiently. If you have any problem, you can share with us to help the other users. Have a good day!

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