How does a flail mower work? Does a flail mower work like a brush hog?

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A lawn mower is a familiar engine for all homes. You know that they help you shorten the grass. However, most people feel confused when choosing a mower for their home. The reason for this is lawnmowers have various kinds of cutting attachments. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses as well.

In this article, let’s talk about how does a flail mower work. This will be useful knowledge about mower for gardeners who want to buy a lawnmower. Is a flail mower the best choice for your garden? Read the article, then you yourself can answer it.

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What exactly is a flail mower?

how does a flail mower work

A flail mower is a powerful machine. It can cut all kinds of grass efficiently. Tough grass, crop residues, or wet grass won’t cause even a difficulty. Besides mowing the lawn evenly, a flail mower can clear the ground. In fact, all things that are on the ground will be cut into pieces. Thanks to this, vegetation dissolves faster. This is a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Because of the strength of the flail mower, it is known as a kind of agricultural tool. The typical weakness of this model comes from the imprecise flail mowers. Although you are a good operator, you can’t cut it aesthetically. Meanwhile, a lawnmower or brush cutter can perform better.

However, the strength of the flail mower is outstanding. Flail mower razes on the roughly dense and thick grass with only one move. This is one of the perfect choice for a large and uneven garden. Only the class-ship brush cutters and lawnmowers can work as effectively as the flail mower.

How does a flail mower work?

The flails from the flail mower help cut the grass. To this kind of mower, you can see that the blades have two types of shapes. They are a y- and t-shape. Long shafts help connect the mower deck and the blades.

The blades work thanks to the PTO drive. When the blades rotate, they cut grass into shreds. Then the biomass is distributed thanks to the mower deck. In fact, the mower holds the cut grass inside, then cuts them into smaller pieces. Therefore, the mower doesn’t distribute the clippings into piles or leave blank spots. The biofertilizer is even on the ground. 

The flail mower performs effectively even in a fallen grass garden. When the flail rotates, it helps stand up the grass. And so flail mowers cut more clearly than other types.


Flail mower vs brush hog: Does a flail mower work like a brush hog?

flail mower vs brush hog

Brush hogs engage the blades thanks to the PTO system as well. However, the blades don’t connect to the deck by long shafts as it’s in a flail mower. The brush hog horizontal blades are inside a traditional mower.

The blades deck of a brush hog is the lowest. This type of tool is only suitable for large gardens. People use it mostly for clear land. It’s a muscle tool that can clear all unwanted material.

However, one con of brush hog is that it throws the clippings in any direction. Fortunately, brush hog has some pros as well. Thanks to the low deck, when the brush hog works, the rocks, trash, or debris won’t fly high and cause injuries. 

While the flail mower just can the grass, not the tall and hard vegetation, brush hog can cut both of them well.

About the design, the flail mower seems like a unity. Brush hogs have two distinguishing parts. They are the puller and the cutting deck. 

Is a flail mower better than a brush hog?

It depends. Let’s go through the pros and cons of the two types and make your own decision.

Flail mower


  • This is the best choice for a grassy garden that has many bushes.
  • The cut grass will be a biofertilizer for your garden. 
  • The flail mower distributes the cut grass evenly on the garden.
  • The versatile attachment helps the tools cut in small angles easily.
  • The flail replacement isn’t difficult. Moreover, the expense for a new one is small.


  • For one garden, a flail mower finishes in a longer time than a brush hog.
  • It is a bit more expensive than a brush hog.

Brush hog


  • This is the best choice for a large overgrown garden.
  • It has the ability to tackle overgrown gardens effectively.
  • You can run at high speed without reducing the efficiency of performance.
  • Brush hogs are easy to maintain.
  • Brush hogs go through the heavier and thicker grass or tree without any effort.


  • The cut lawn is not perfect or even.
  • It will distribute cut grass into piles.

Is a flail mower better than a rotary mower?

It depends. 

If your garden has both chopping up and mulching brush, a flail mower will work more effectively. A flail mower also distributes the cut grass for the garden. This is a source of good nutrients for soil and grass. 

If you want a tool that can work faster, rotary mowers are ideal. Moreover, rotary mowers seem smaller and lighter than flail mowers. A rotary mower will be the better choice if you have a medium garden that is mowed regularly.

Can a flail mower cut brush?

Yes, it can. There isn’t any difficulty for a flail mower to cut brush. However, using it frequently isn’t recommended. Let’s buy a brush cutter if you think that you need to cut the brush regularly. 

Final thoughts

Now, not only do you know how does a flail mower work, but also you know the difference between a flail mower and a brush hog. A Flail mower is a powerful tool that is perfect for a huge large garden. 

Compared to brush hogs, flail mowers may lose about high speed and the overgrown grassy ability. However, a flail mower is outstanding for tackling overgrown vines. Moreover, the cut edge will be more beautiful. 

This is a rare mower that can cut grass into shred biomass. This mower helps you do a dual take at one time. The first one is mowing the grass to the proper height. Secondly, a flail mower evenly distributes the biofertilizer for the garden.

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