How to change drive belt on Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?

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Troy Bilt is a big brand of lawnmowers in the market. As you know, Troy Bilt has many highly durable professional riding lawn mowers such as Troy Bilt 540cc Briggs &Stratton. Because of this, it is undeniably the most well-known brand of mower. Bronco is an appreciated product of the Troy Bilt brand.

Despite having many desirable features, there are some problems that the user may have to face when using the machine.  

One of the most common questions is How to change drive belt on Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?. If you are having the same question, you get the right direction. We are here to give you the answer!

How to change the drive belt on the Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?

how to change drive belt on troy bilt bronco riding mower

Worn belts are one of the most important signs that the drive belt requires replacement. To ensure high working efficiency, after only one to two cutting seasons, we need to replace. We can approach and replace it in many ways but in our opinion, the method given below will be the most effective.

Step 1: Adjusting the machine lever

We will pull the floor lift lever all the way forward to adjust the floor to the lowest level. Move the lever to the right and lock the latch in that position. The lawn mower floor needs to be raised on the rightmost rear mud plate.

Step 2: Adjusting the deck guard

The bolts securing the deck securing belt shall be cut from the top of the deck. The lawn mower deck belt guard will then be lifted from the top of the mower deck and set aside. We will reposition the deck guard on the top of the right and left mower deck pulleys, between the deck assembly and the lawn mower frame.

Step 3: Detach the deck straps placed on the pulley

We will remove the belt placed on the pulley with a socket wrench. Then slide the belt retainer off the chassis to allow the deck belt to leave the pulley. The pulley belt holder will be located just below the engine.

Step 4: Locate the machine pulley deck

Double-check the position of the pulley on the engine deck on the left side. We will then proceed to insert a 3/8 inch ratchet square end into the hole of the roc net holder. Note that the ratchet must be set to a “loose” position.

Next, we will pull the ratchet handle back to move the pulley. This will help reduce the strain on the drive belt on the breaker deck.

Step 5: Slide the cutter deck drive belt from the main shaft pulley.

Hold the ratchet wheel with one hand until the belt tension is reduced to the deepest level. This will release the tension of the unloaded pulley and lift the ratchet from the pulley support. Chunsgta will need to remove the old breaker deck drive belt around the main shaft and pulley.

Step 6: Thread the drive belt around the engine pulley

The groove of the pulley perfectly accepts the V-shaped face of the drive belt. Install the motor pulley belt retainer to the lawn mower frame. Next, it is necessary to tighten the bolt that holds the belt bar of the engine pulley with a socket wrench. This prevents the belt from slipping off the pulley.

Step 7: Move the drive belt

The drive belt will be pulled to the back of the lawn mower. Direct the plane of the drive belt on the cutter deck around the pulley. Route the V-shaped face to the main shaft groove of the right pulley.

Step 8: Left spindle pulley handling

We will pull the V-shaped side of the drive belt around to the left of the main shaft. Then install the ratchet on the left pulley holder and pull it back to reduce the tension of the idle pulley.

Step 9: Move belt guard

Use belt conduction guards to secure the engine deck to both the left and right sides. Then tighten the bolt to secure the drive belt with a wrench, hard drive.

Step 10: Check Overall

To check if the device is back to normal. Follow the steps above. Need to pay extra attention to the blade, engine deck. Movement belts and engine decks need to be placed for regular monitoring.


1. What size of the drive belt on a Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower?

If you want to find a suitable belt, check its specifications. The drive belt on a Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower will be 41-1/2″ in length. 

Otherwise, you can choose the one which is covered. The width of 5/8” is perfect for you.

2. Why does the lawn mower belt slip off the main shaft?

The belt does not attach to the main shaft either due to damage or the wire is not getting power. If broken with such a large amount of engine during the engine running, it will be thrown away, affecting the environment and people.

If the belt is loose, chipped, or soft, it means the inside is damaged and other parts need to be replaced. Avoid consequences later.

3. What does the drive belt do on the riding lawnmower?

The drive belt connects the engine crankshaft to the moving pulley to drive the rear wheels. Every time this part has a problem, it will affect the operation of the lawn mower.

If the belt is broken, the lawn tractor will not move because of safety. If it is worn, the lawn tractor moves slowly. Maybe the belt slipping on the pulley is the reason for this situation.

4. How to tighten the belt on a riding lawnmower?

First, take propane to heat it red. Then you just take a pair of pliers and bend them!

You can see the belt has been made much shorter. Now, let’s reinstall it on the tractor of the lawnmower!

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Final thoughts

There are all the answers to the question: how to change drive belt on Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?

Hope the above information will be useful to you when you are using your own lawn mower. Have you been able to replace the drive belt of your mower yourself? Let us know your results by commenting below! If you encounter difficulties during the repair process and have not been successful, do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance. Thanks for reading!

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