How to change blades on riding mower without removing deck?

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Keeping the riding lawnmower is never easy. One of the most difficult problems customers face is replacing lawn mower blades. In addition to being able to remove the lawn mower blade and replace it with a new one, we can completely save and restore the old blade for further use. So how to change blades on riding mower without removing deck? Keep in mind through the end of the article to find the best answer.

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Change blades on riding mower without removing deck: Is it possible?

This is entirely possible. It is best to replace a new blade with a new one if the old one is damaged. But if the cost is not enough, we can completely restore the blade at home without removing the blade from the lawn mower deck.

The blade is deep inside the deck of the lawn mower. It could be called the last part of the deck. The first thing we need to do is we will have to jack the blade out so we can get in contact with it. After coming into contact with the blade, we will use a sharpening tool, a sharpening file,… to handle the blade. Grind carefully and gently without over-handling so that the blades of the blade do not break. We can still help the blade to cut somewhat like the original with this approach. This shows that it is possible to completely change the blade without removing the deck of the machine.

Before changing blades on riding mower without removing deck

Before finding the way to change blades on the riding mower without removing the deck, please note some requirement tools and cautions below.

Requirement tools

  • Choose the right wrench (you can check the machine manual to pick the perfect one).
  • Cement blocks to raise the riding lawn mower.
  • A compatible lawn mower blade.

Note: You can choose lift instead of cement blocks. Otherwise, you may need a cheater pipe wrench (it is an option).


You can change blades on riding mower yourself but remember the safety considerations.

The riding lawn mower will have dangerous parts and injure you, especially when the blade is exposed. 

Here’s some extra information for your safety before you start changing:

  • Make sure that the motor is off.
  • Stabilizing the blade to prevent cuts.
  • Maintaining a riding lawn mower regularly to ensure safety. It also can help you spot any signs of potential issues. You will immediately notice if there are any parts that need to be replaced.

6 Steps to change blade on lawn mower without removing deck

how to change blades on riding mower without removing deck

We will learn about six steps to change the blades of a lawn mower without removing the deck. This will help you get a lot of information about the issue.

Step1: Check the condition of the lawn mower blade

The first thing you need to do is check the condition of the propellers. Once you understand the condition of the blades, you will know if you need to change the blades. If it’s only slightly worn, you can save some money on replacing the propeller. Just use the grinder to re-sharpen.

But if it’s really worn out, then you need to replace it. In case the parts are too old, we must replace them with other parts.

Step 2: The location of the lawn mower

When the cleaning is done, we will put the machine on a flat surface. We need to make sure of the product quality of each part. It is necessary to turn off the engine, check the throttle to avoid dangerous things happening.

Step 3: Remove spark plugs from lawn mower

This is a safe treatment and has an extremely high success rate. You just open the hood and then remove the black wire between the spark plug and the engine.

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Step 4: Use jack to raise the market

When we want to improve the quality of the machine we will use the jack. It is important to note that one part is different from another, not all of which are sized to fit different sizes of people. Without Jack we can use a cinder block or a brick block.

Step 5: Remove the blade of the machine from the nut

After successful jacking, we will get the blade. To do this we take out the blade, turn the mounting nut counterclockwise. This way only helps the blade loosen gradually because the object we can only get the blade when the blade is loose.

Step 6: Replace the new blade

When we have removed the old blade from the machine, we will put a new blade in it. We will slide it down from the top of the shaft. Then turn the nut and install it in the opposite direction. Double-check that the blade is securely installed. Avoid danger during use.


1. What are the signs that the riding lawn mowers blades need to be sharpened or replaced?

To ensure the performance of the work we need to pay attention to the important parts of the machine. With the blade of the lawnmower, it will no longer be good if the following phenomena appear. When mowing the lawn, the grass is cut unevenly or torn, the blade is wobbly and the machine makes noise while in operation.

2. Is the blade in the deck equipped with reverse thread?

Almost any lawn mower blade will have a reverse thread. Most lawnmower seeds will be reverse woven. Then they will fix the fan way on the drive shaft of the machine.

3. How much does it cost to sharpen a lawnmower blade without removing it from the deck?

We will have two prices offered at two different prices. But before providing information we should do this ourselves. Because it’s not too difficult and can save some money. For machines with the blade removed, the price will be $ 9.95. The machine without the vegetable blade will cost about $ 19.95.

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Final thoughts

Above we have provided you with the useful information that we believe will help you know how to change blades on riding mower without removing deck. Hopefully these can help you have more knowledge about lawn mowers. Maybe it’s getting ready to buy a new lawn mower or it could be fixing the problem you’re having. Good luck and thanks for reading our article!

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