How to change a spark plug on a lawn mower?

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When it comes to changing the spark plug on the lawnmower, there are components that you must prepare beforehand. One of them is the spark plug which is readily available in hardware stores, home improvement centers, auto parts stores, lawn mower repair shops, agricultural supply stores or buy a spark plug on Amazon. Another component to have is the spark plug wrench which allows for the easy changing of your spark plug.  You also need to have a spark plug gap gauge to measure the spark plugs gap where the spark is produced.

Have you ever wondered about changing the spark plug on a lawnmower or can you replace this one? Our direction today will solve this problem for you! Keep in mind through the end of the article and find the best answer for your mower.

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Crucial things when changing spark plug on a lawn mower

change spark plug on lawn mower

Spark plugs are an extremely important part of a lawn mower. It affects not only the operation of the machine but also other parts of the lawn mower.

That is why we need to be extremely careful in replacing the spark plug handle. When changing the spark plug of the lawn mower, we need to pay attention to make sure that the electrodes on the spark plug must be clean. Therefore, it is possible to create the spark needed for the ignition of the machine.

When replacing spark plugs, we need to keep in mind that we have to do it carefully and slowly because spark plugs greatly affect the sketches. Therefore, when replacing, it is necessary to check carefully.

How to change a spark plug on a lawn mower

Step 1: Locate the spark plug and disconnect the wire

The spark plug is pretty easy to find since they are most commonly found at the front of the mower or sometimes at the side. Once you find the spark plug, you have to pull off the spark plug wire. You should have no difficulties removing it since just giving it a little wiggle will make it come off. In case it gets stuck, then you will need to use pliers very gently. Check the wire hood and the contacts. If you see the spark plug wire is rusted or corroded, then you will need to replace it.

Step 2: Remove the spark plug and check the gap

With the use of the spark plug wrench, you can remove the spark plug by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. Check the spark plug gap after that to see if it is properly set to the distance that was recommended in the lawn mower manual. The best way to check on the spark plug gap is to take advantage of the spark plug gap gauge. Otherwise, gently tap the spark plugs end on a solid surface so you can reduce the gap or bend it out a bit to increase the gap.

Step 3: Check and clean spark plugs before installing new ones

Since this is a gasoline and electric-powered product, cleaning the product is an extremely important factor. We will clean the deposits on the spark plugs with a wire brush and a spray spark plug cleaner.

For hard deposits, we can use a hard knife to scrape. We should note that never clean spark plugs with highly corrosive chemicals.

changing spark plug on lawn mower

Step 4: Install a new spark plug

Use your own hands to install the new spark plug into the hole by turning it in a clockwise direction. There should be no resistance for you if you do that. If that happens, never force the spark plugin because that can lead to cross-threading. Instead, unscrew it and plug it back in. After it has been plugged in, use the wrench gently for tightening the plug until it’s snug. Never over-tighten since the threads might strip or the ceramic plug might break.

changing spark plug on lawn mower

Step 5: Reattach the spark plug wire

The last step is to push the spark plug wire right back into the new spark plug. This should be the last step that you have to take in repairing the spark plug. Once you reach this step, you are done. Congratulations!

FAQs on changing spark plug on lawn mower

changing spark plug on lawn mower

1. When should we change the spark plugs of the lawn mower?

For each line of lawn mowers, we should only use spark plugs for one year, after which we will have to replace a new spark plug. When the engine starts to make loud noises, the engine slows down, and the blade of the machine starts to wobble, these are clear signs that you need a new spark plug. That is with frequently used lawn mowers. For machines that have not been used for three months or more, when taking out, replace lawn mower spark plug. To ensure the safety of users.

2. How to handle it in case the spark plug is rusty and clings to the lawn mower?

In a case like this, we should not use too much force in an attempt to remove the spark plug. Use a small amount of penetrating oil to spray around the tight spark plug and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then use the wrench to slowly pull the spark plug out.

3. What happens if we replace the wrong spark plug?

Spark plugs are an important part of a lawn mower. So if the lawn mower you are using replaces the wrong type of spark plug, what will happen? Using the wrong spark plug will increase the possibility of ignition in the cylinder, causing the engine’s fuel to burn incorrectly. At the same time, it also affects power and fuel efficiency.

4. Do lawn mowers need special products?

Not all lawn mowers need a special spark plug. Some lawn mower spark plugs can be interchangeable with the automotive. But many others can not do that. Because of the physical difference, changing can cause some bad situations. Otherwise, lawn mower gasoline engines use a spark plug to ignite the fuel or air mixture so maybe they need the special one.

Final thoughts

In order for your lawn mower to work properly, it is essential to know the key points when changing spark plugs on the lawn mower. Because spark plug is one of the most important parts of a lawn mower. We hope this information we give in the article will help you to solve this problem. Also, know one more solution. We hope you had a good time reading our article. Thank you for your reference!

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