How to mow a lawn like a master? 3 Things you should know about mowing lawn

how to mow a lawn

Some people consider mowing a lawn as an unpleasant chore, whereas others see it as a way to beautify their houses or gardens. When people follow the instructions well, mowing will support green and healthy grass and reduce weeds and bare spots. This article will show you the instructions on how to mow a lawn.

How to change drive belt on Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?

Troy Bilt is a big brand of lawnmowers in the market. As you know, Troy Bilt has many highly durable professional riding lawn mowers such as Troy Bilt 540cc Briggs &Stratton. Because of this, it is undeniably the most well-known brand of mower. Bronco is an appreciated product of the Troy Bilt brand. Despite having

John Deere mower dies when engaging blades: What is the reason?

john deere mower dies when engaging blades

John Deere mower dies when engaging blades gives you a huge inconvenience. Although today’s lawnmower is much improved, it may have some problems when operating. Imagine how annoyed you are in the case that the lawnmower works unevenly. If you don’t have the maintenance regularly, the engine can suddenly stall when you cut the grass. 

How does a flail mower work? Does a flail mower work like a brush hog?

how does a flail mower work

A lawn mower is a familiar engine for all homes. You know that they help you shorten the grass. However, most people feel confused when choosing a mower for their home. The reason for this is lawnmowers have various kinds of cutting attachments. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses as well. In this article,

How to replace the drive belt on a Murray riding mower? [For all Murray models]

how to replace drive belt on murray riding mower

How to replace the drive belt on a Murray riding mower may be more difficult than other types of lawnmower. This lawnmower has two belts. The first one is a transmission belt, and the second one is a deck drive belt. Fortunately, instead of worrying, you have an effective way to deal with the situation.

How to tighten a belt on a Craftsman riding mower? A step-by-step guide with video

how to tighten belt on craftsman riding mower

If you have ever seen your Craftsman lawn mower not mowing properly or leaving patches of uncut grass? A loose drive belt might result in this problem. Luckily, the entire process is relatively easy, and this article will show you how to tighten a belt on a Craftsman riding mower. Related Posts: How to replace

Husqvarna mower dies when blades engaged: Reasons and remedy for each case

husqvarna mower dies when blades engaged

Various reasons lead to the mower dying. This may come from a lack of operation. Some cases are due to bad maintenance.  For most, when the mower dies, the mower’s grass box can’t close completely. In this case, the safety sensor is out of order. This is the reason why Husqvarna dies when blades are

How to adjust mower deck on Husqvarna zero turn? Problem solved

how to adjust mower deck on husqvarna zero turn

Some factors can affect the efficiency of performance. To a Husqvarna lawnmower, there is a problem with the blade deck. As you know, the lawnmower from this brand is designed with a lower deck than other brands.  With this design, you may have some difficulties working on uneven ground. To improve this, let’s have some

What are the best lawn mowers made in USA? Top 7 American made

A new lawnmower is an important investment. With Americans, there are many options for buyers when choosing a lawnmower from brands in the United States. There are different types of lawnmowers on the US market, a purchase without research and professional advisory will not give you the desired mower. Maybe that mower does not fit

Lawn mower backfires when shutting off: 2 Common reasons and solutions

How to fix lawn mower backfire when shutting off?

Sometimes, when you shut off your lawn mower you will encounter backfires or more accurately after fire. ‘Backfires‘ is understood as the condition of the mower’s engine making a loud noise, exploding during or after shutting down. Almost backfires happen while shutting down the machine. After fire occurs when the engine has been shut off.

Why lawn mower dies when choke off? How to fix this issue?

Why does the lawn mower die when choke off?

Have you ever encountered some problems with your lawnmower? Which one makes you feel the most uncomfortable? I think this is because the lawnmower died suddenly or it can start to mow. There are lots of reasons Why a lawnmower won’t start. The most common condition that you may encounter is your mower starts then

Why my lawn mower loses power when blades engaged? 3 Effective methods to fix this issue

The lawnmower is a necessary item to beautify your land. Using this device is not hard. But if you are a beginner, you may have some problems while using it. You need to study the manual which comes with the mower and find how this machine works.  There are many types of lawnmowers in the