5 Practical tips for gas lawn mower maintenance (best for users)

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Lawn mower maintenance is always an extremely important factor. Because it will make a great contribution to helping our machine always be in the best state. Regular maintenance also helps ensure the longest possible life of your lawn mower (approximately 10-15 years maybe more). Especially for gas-powered lawn mowers, maintenance is an indispensable factor. With

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers: 7 Best Electric Lawn Mowers

The corded  electric lawn mower is far environmentally friendly than the gasoline lawn mower. This is the reason why corded electric lawn mower is loved by most people. Nowadays, lawn mowers have various types. Therefore, not a small number of gardeners feel confused choosing one.  In this article, we will give you the list of

How to install clutch return spring for craftsman mower – Detailed process

The return spring’s role is constantly pulling the clutch. Come through the mower blade. Remove the housing. Then you can see the clutch connected to the spring. With a bad-state return spring, the clutch pedal can’t perform correctly. If the return spring is in a good condition, it pushes the pedal up and down in