Best self propelled reel lawn mower: What are the best of 2023?

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Reel lawn mowers can be smart choices for yard maintenance in the long run. However, among thousands of options, can you decide on which type of model you should make the purchase?

Don’t panic about this. We have taken a large amount of time to test the following models to see how they work, blade width, and other characteristics.

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Best self propelled reel lawn mower: The 3 best

1. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

The first thing we liked about Scotts 2000-20s is its wide cutting path (twenty inches) and easier maneuverability. Although it is a manual, traditional mower, this equipment offers a very exceptional rear wheel design that helps to lessen drag and increase maneuverability. Also offering up to nine different grass heights, which is equivalent to one to three inches, and instant height adjusters, the Scotts 2000-20 is very practical. To drive it you will have to push manually but you will not exert a lot of pressure as there are five heat-treated steel blades that will ease your work. Other great parts include the five-spider ball earing reel, six-inch wide rear tire tracking wheels, ten-inch wide front tire wheels, QuickSnap height adjusters, and a foam grip loop handle. Measuring 28 L X 18W X 11 H, the Scotts Push Reel Mower is very lightweight and easier to maneuver around corners and crevices.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S


Mower type Classic Push Reel mower
Power source Manual Push
Cutting width 20’’
Adjustable cutting height Yes (from 1” – 3”)
Weight 2.2 lbs

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  • It is the safest reel mower we have seen and perfect for homes with pets and kids.
  • It is a non-pollutant as it does not make noise or produce smoke or fumes
  • It is light weight and easy to maneuver even around hidden places
  • It is manual and does not need gas or electricity to run, making it cheaper.
  • Easy for beginners who have smaller yards without hills, rocks and other obstacles.


  • When cutting thick grass or mowing on a hill, more physical effort is needed.
  • Tall grass and weed that have grown past six to eight inches won’t face the cutting blade at all.
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2. Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower

Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel is a reel mower with an eighteen-inch cutting width. Offering the InertiaDrive option, Fiskars is very easy to manipulate. It is up to sixty percent easier to run compared to other reel mowers sold today. We thought this was just a claim to promote the equipment. However, we realized that the manufacturer’s claim is true when we purchased our Fiskars Staysharp and propelled it. Mostly it drives itself and we tap it to offer direction.

Boasting a StaySharp Cutting System, a unit that allows the mower to cut grass without the blades touching, Fiskars will save your blade sharpening money. And if you have sharpened blades previously you know how expensive this is. Fiskars is designed for all grass types, including St. Augustine, Bahia, Bermuda and Zoysia. If you have the toughest varieties we have mentioned above, you are good to go with this reel mower.

With its inset wheel design, this machine provides a very close side edging while the grass discharge chute tosses grass clippings to the front.

Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Push Lawn Mower


Mower type Push Reel mower
Power source Manual Push
Cutting width 18’’
Adjustable cutting height Yes 
Weight 51.7 lbs

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  • It does not pollute the environment with fumes and noise
  • Compared to most gas lawn mowers, Fiskars StaySharp can do a better job.
  • Offers a height-adjustable handle
  • Can cut turf in lovely ribbon strips design


  • It is not recommended for overgrown turf, tall, curved weeds, or wet grass.
  • No bagging option for grass clippings and cuts only when moving forward.
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3. Great States 204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower

Great States 204-14 is a fourteen-inch reel push lawn mower. It is a very stylish machine, suitable for anyone who does not mind doing some exercise. It is a push reel mower, so you expect to burn some calories throughout a mowing session. Despite that, we do enjoy using our Great States 204 device. It is so quiet and does not wake up our neighbors with noise. With 8.5-inch diameter heavy-duty polymer wheels, with molded treads, Great States is really powerful. It consists of an adjustable cutting height, between a half inch and one and a half inch that also has an adjustable three-section roller. There is also a three-spider one-blade reel. The reel itself is made of solid steel metal while the blade looks like a super sharp knife. On the sides, you will find steel plates and a formed torsion tube. Great States is one of our favorite self-propelled lawn-mowing equipment. Besides being lightweight, this mower is easy to propel, but sweating is guaranteed.

best self propelled reel lawn mower


Mower type Push Reel mower
Power source Manual Push
Cutting width 14’’
Adjustable cutting height Yes (from 0.5” to 1.75”)
Weight 1 kilogram

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  • It is easy to cut grass with it on the first pass
  • As it is designed to be pushed, this machine is lightweight and fun to push.
  • Ideal for a small yard with flat, square areas.
  • It is not a noise maker.


  • It would be the wrong choice for hilly areas and spots with odd shapes.
  • It is narrow and quite the wrong match for a person who owns a big yard.
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How to choose the best self propelled reel lawn mower?

The weight

There are a number of advantages to reel self-propelled lawn mowers, including the fact that they are quiet and economical to use. The only real drawback is the effort it takes to cover large expanses of grass. As a result, the weight of the machine is going to be important.

The energy

These lawn mowers are long-lasting and can be used throughout the generations, so selecting the correct one is important. All are easy to start, so what are the important choices? The issue for these mowers is the energy use-up needed in order to make them mow. Unlike when using an electric or gas mower, a lawn needs to be maintained frequently when using a manual reel mower because too tall grass might tangle in the blades.

The frame

As a result, the ones with a lightweight frame will be the ones that offer the most benefit. This will become a particular issue if the grass is not cut on a regular basis, as the longer the blades, the more effort needed.

Incision height

There is a slight contradiction when it comes to how substantial the mower should be. If the land is stony, one that is too lightweight may not last long. Choosing the best reel mower will mean finding out about the type of grass that will be cut, and also the propensity for the area to be stoney.

The blades

best self propelled reel lawn mower

Make sure that the lawn mower has slow-moving blades, as this will limit the damage that can be done if there is an accident. Running over a hose may mean the end of the hose whatever type is used, but if stones are hit, they are unlikely to move too far. 

Reel mowers have up to seven blades and a maximum cutting width of 18 inches, in contrast to more common one-blade mowers. With more blades, thicker, taller grass may be handled while getting a more even cut.

The storage 

Finally, there is the need to think of storage. Will the mower be hung up or left freestanding? Clearly, the weight will be an issue if it is to be hung up, so make sure the mower chosen can be lifted by at least one member of the family.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, we have provided you with all the important information related to the best self propelled reel lawn mowers. Moreover, we also hope that this information and a series of recommendations are helpful for you when you are in demand of purchasing one for your garden.

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