What are the best lawn mowers made in USA? Top 7 American made

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A new lawnmower is an important investment. With Americans, there are many options for buyers when choosing a lawnmower from brands in the United States.

There are different types of lawnmowers on the US market, a purchase without research and professional advisory will not give you the desired mower.

Maybe that mower does not fit with your lawn, the engine is not strong enough and there are many problems.

So, here we are to help you solve this problem. In today’s article we answer the question: What are the best lawn mowers made in USA for gardens? Keep in mind till the end of the article and make your best choice!

Why pick American made lawn mowers for your garden

As one of the countries producing extremely successful lawn mowers. Widely known around the world as well as in the home country. So what is the appeal of lawn mowers made in the US? Let’s find out together.

Production materials

Lawn mowers are manufactured from the finest, sourced materials. Customers can be assured of the quality of the materials. Durable suitable for most terrain, resistant to external influences.

Modern features

Currently, at a time when technology is on the throne, the machines are benefiting a lot. Modern advanced technologies are applied a lot to lawn mowers. Some machines are equipped with an anti-winding blade to prevent the machine from getting caught in the weeds. Many machines are equipped with a drive system with drive control at six speeds to help customers use the machine easier and more conveniently. A lawnmower can be equipped with many tools to support lawn cleaning. For example LEG light, adjustable seat, blade height adjustment button when cutting,…

Machine engine

Each machine in different segment lines will use different engines. But according to reviews, almost all lawn mowers made in the US have extremely strong and durable engines. This helps the machine work for a long time and always achieve the best performance. Typically the 4-stroke Kohler engine (OHV), 132cc OHV bait engine,… all are very good value for money that customers spend to own these lawn mowers.

Convenient multi-function design

All American lawn mower products are designed with modern and convenient designs. In some more advanced lawn mower products, it is also equipped with a controller. With these creative design ideas, lawn mower products made in the US are always highly appreciated. Give your customers a perfect experience. 

Challenging any terrain

Lawn mowers made in USA are all muscular machines capable of challenging all the toughest terrains. Not only in difficult terrain but also in tight places, lawn mowers are also capable of handling extremely well for lawns. With diverse uses in areas, this is an extremely versatile product, the perfect choice for every family.

How to choose the best lawn mower manufactured in America? 

With the fact that on the market today, especially in the US, there are many diverse products, we need to know what points to pay attention to when buying a lawnmower. Here are a few tips to help people choose the best lawn mower for themselves.

best lawn mowers made in USA

The energy of the machine

For small-medium lawn treatment needs and in densely populated areas, we should choose a battery-powered lawnmower instead of gasoline. Battery-powered machines may not run as well as gasoline-powered ones, but they’re very quiet and don’t make any noise. 

Structure and design of the machine

They can still handle dense, tall grass. We should pay special attention to machines whose deck and blade configuration affect bagging ability. Depending on the purpose of use, the front or rear-wheel drive cutter will be suitable for each person. The front-wheel-drive machine excels in maneuverability, but in return, the traction is quite weak when going uphill. The rear-wheel-drive machine has very strong traction and maneuverability both on flat and steep surfaces.

Auxiliary parts for the machine

Lawnmower support parts are also points that we need to pay attention to. When closing the bag, unpacking, or applying a coating, the comfort of the handle, how well the deck is raised, and how intuitive the bag removal is. It’s all very important and we need to pay attention to these details.

Experience in mowing

Another point is that you need to experience mowing the lawn yourself maybe 4 to 5 times. Thus, you can gain more experience in lawn mowing as well as choose the machine to suit your needs. 

Best US made electric lawn mowers

1. Snapper 1687914 21” SP Walk Mower Kit Red/Black

Snapper 1687914 21” SP Walk Mower Kit

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The machine has an automatic transmission that can change the speed depending on the needs. This product is designed with a 21-inch lawn mower deck made of 3-in-1 steel to help the machine have a stable harvest. 

The machine applies intelligent load sensing technology that can adjust the power to suit the needs of the blade. The machine has up to 7 cutting height adjustment modes to help customers have more choices.

I believe this is one of the best products from Snapper. It gets a high rate at Amazon of 4.2/5 stars. 

The Snapper 1687914 21” is suitable for both older people and poor health because it is a self propelled lawn mower. It’s powerful with an easy reach lever to adjust the front speed, no need to move to get it, no gas cans lying around, and no suffocation. It does not need maintenance other than blade change.

Fast charging is only 45 minutes 1 charge then you can use it.


Mower type Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
Power source Battery-Powered
Cutting width 21 Inches
Weight 80.9 pounds


  • Equipped with extremely modern Briggs & Stratton 82V battery pack
  • Lithium ion 2.0Ah comes with 2 Lithium ion 2.0Ah batteries and fast charger.


  • The use time of the machine is less

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2. Honda 664100 HRX217VKA GCV200 Versamow Electric Lawn Mower

Honda 664100 HRX217VKA GCV200

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Next comes a electric lawn mower from Honda. With a 9-inch wheel design with ball bearings behind the lawn mower, it moves more smoothly on many different terrains. That helps customers to handle work quickly and efficiently. The machine is equipped with a 21-inch stainless NeXite floor that is ideal for long, spreading lawns. The cutting width of up to 21 inches keeps this at a high level of output at all times.

This type of mower works well. It will solve the problems which your old lawn mower often has. Especially with the bag feature, it didn’t leave any grass after cutting. Otherwise, the propelled features also worked great. You will not regret it if you decide to purchase this. You can walk behind your lawnmower (no pushing at all) and cut it however you want. If you like to jog while cutting your grass, you can do that with this mower. 


Mower type Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
Power source Corded electric
Cutting width 21 inches
Adjustable cutting height 0.75 – 4 inches
Weight 89 pounds


  • 7 height adjustment with a cut from 3/4 inch to 4 inch.
  • Minimize the generation of noise.


  • The operating capacity of the machine is not large. 

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4 Best zero turn mowers made in the USA

1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Riding Mower – Top pick

The 26 HP Kohler motor helps the machine to start quickly, safely and reach a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH. Advanced air-induction mowing technology draws in air from the outside, improving the lawn and delivering perfect cuts. The machine is durable and strong because the deck is reinforced with extremely solid flat reinforced steel.

I’m sure this zero-riding lawn mower is a worthy investment. You can finish assembly easily with a comfortable seat. The Kohler 7000 motor is powerful and keeps on the rpm. All the customers who purchased this product said that the easiness of maneuvering was amazing, and they also could cut their Acer plus in less than an hour instead of 2 hours with an old mower.

What are the best lawn mowers made in USA for gardens?

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Mower type Riding Lawn Mowers & Tractors
Power source Manual
Cutting width 54 inches
Weight 650 lbs


  • The machine uses a modern Kohler 26 engine
  • Patented parking brake system.
  • The machine comes with tools to support the working process.


  • Seat design is a bit small, not comfortable. 

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2. Poulan pro P46ZX, 46 in.22HP Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower

Poulan pro P46ZX, 46 in.22HP Briggs $ Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower

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This is one of the few products that run on gas. With a large operating capacity, customers can handle the work in the most efficient way. The machine has a convenient automatic operation mode for customers. The 46-inch reinforced floor, 22 HP Briggs v-twin pro engine, and EZT hydroelectric transmission provide a great customer experience.

This is an excellent mower with medium to large lots. With 2 acres lots and more, it will be the best choice. It is a zero-turn mower, so if you have never used this before, please spend time studying the manuals which came with this. 

With this machine, your cutting time will reduce from 2 to 2.5 hours to 35 to 45 minutes. It’s possible! Your challenge is only to make sure everything is in the correct position. I believe you can do it!


Mower type Riding lawn mowers & tractors
Power source Gas powered
Cutting width 46 inches
Weight 750 pounds


  • Large operating capacity
  • Large fuel tank helps cool the operation a lot.
  • Apply many modern advanced technologies.
  • The blade width is quite large.


  • Fuel for the engine is quite expensive
  • Seat design for the user is not really comfortable

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3. Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 50-Inch Hydrostatic Self Propelled Lawn Mower  

Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 50-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower

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Owning a powerful 24HP motor without jerking or choking, easy to start. It provides comfort to customers during lawn mowing with a dual hydrostatic transmission combined with a highly designed seat. The machine uses a sturdy and durable steel frame to enhance the customer experience when mowing. The machine can adjust the cutting height arbitrarily.

This machine gets a high rate. This mower cuts a beautiful lawn regardless of how high or low you set it on blades. It moves forward and backward smoothly and wonderfully. If you are looking for a great riding lawn mower, I highly recommend it to you.


Mower type Riding lawn mowers & tractors
Power source Gas powered
Cutting width 50 inches
Adjustable cutting height 1.25 – 3.75 Inches
Weight 656 pounds


  • The machine’s zero turning radius allows for quick and easy direction changes.
  • Extremely powerful 24HP motor
  • The vehicle structure is durable, solid and flexible.


  • The machine is quite heavy, so it does not move too fast in difficult terrain. 

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4. Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP Yard Tractor 48 inch Mower

 Husqvarna YTH24V48

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Up to 48-inch blade width along with fast hydrostatic pedal, drive improves cutting speed as well as output. With the electric blade, the cutting lines of the machine will be more precise and smooth so as not to cause damaged grass to grow back. The machine is equipped with 24 HP Briggs and Stratton V-Twin engines to help it always operate at its highest capacity.

This machine works well even in cold and snowy weather. You just need a little skill to mow your lawn with this. It is dependable and trouble-free when using. Try it and you will find your best.


Mower type Riding lawn mowers & tractors
Power source Gas powered
Cutting width 48 inches
Weight 478 pounds


  • The machine adopts cruise control technology.
  • Modern technologies are widely applied to machines


  • Design support for grass treatment is not much

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The best American made push lawn mowers

1. Generac ST47019GENG Pro Stump Grinder Push Mower

Generac ST47019GENG Pro Stump Grinder

Check Price On Amazon

The push mower is equipped with a carbide inclined blade that can reach any cutting angle making grass handling easier. This push mower is designed with 12 gauge steel, which is sturdy but very light in weight and durable. This product uses Gas Powered power combined with Generac G-Force power to help the machine handle the job easier and quicker. It deserves the top push mower made in USA,

This product had a high rate because of its power. It also can cut well and is fuel-efficient. The unit of machine exactly is a beast. And one of the most important things to make it become a worthy investment that it is much bigger and beefier than it looks online. 

You can get the discount while buying Generac ST47019GENG at Amazon. Take a look and find one right now!


Mower type Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
Power source Gas powered
Cutting width 22 inches
Adjustable cutting height 2 – 3.25 inches
Weight 71 pounds


  • The machine can reach every nook and cranny easily
  • The blade of the machine is equipped with anti-winding to avoid entanglement with weeds while cutting.
  • The nose plate of the machine is attached with a guard


  • The price of the device is quite high compared to other lines in the same segment.

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How do we rank these 7 best lawn mowers made in the USA?

To be able to rate and help customers better understand the product they are about to buy here. We will review the above 7 products based on 4 factors including brand, function, cost, and relevance.

Product brands

Product branding is one of the most important elements of a product. We want to attract customers, we need to make them remember our brand. Provide customers with the best and most quality products. Enhance customer service such as discount or repair, consultation,…. Make customer needs the number one priority and then customers will remember our brand.


If you want customers to buy your products, let them know what your products can do. The functionality of the product is always one of the first considerations that customers consider. With today’s modern lawnmowers, in addition to being environmentally friendly, they also apply many advanced technologies. Autopilot mode, LEG light or can automatically turn off when feeling overloaded. The car’s seat can also be adjusted according to needs. Help customers understand what this machine can do, they will immediately buy the product.


The battery-powered machines or the gasoline-powered machines have the same price difference. But in the long run, the cost of a gasoline lawn mower will be more. With a large, persistent operation frequency on large gardens, it can often have problems. Repair and replacement costs for machine parts will be quite substantial. As for the electric machine, the product price will be higher, but the auxiliary costs will not be much. With advanced technology, the machine will help to limit minor failures.


Before buying the product, consider carefully what you buy this machine for. If it’s just a small garden, immediately choose a battery-powered lawn mower. Environmentally friendly with very little breakdown. If you want to handle a large lawn with harsh terrain, choose a gasoline-powered lawn mower. Possessing a large capacity, endurance will surely make you satisfied.


I know you have a lot of questions about this. Now let’s answer some typical questions that the purchaser wonders.

1. What lawn mower company is made in the US?

There are many lawn mower brands in the USA now. But one of the most popular is the Snapper brand. Their products consistently get high ratings.

In addition, other brands from the above 7 products are also American lawn mower made or were assembled there. As the Craftsman mowers are mostly assembled in the USA from the parts made elsewhere.

2. Are the Husqvarna produced in the US? Is this good?

The Husqvarna that we recommended for you in this article are the reliable mowers. They are USA lawn mower company so they are all made in the USA at Husqvarna Outdoor products N.A, Inc. factories in Georgia.

3. Are the US made lawn mowers worth buying?

Absolutely! All of them are good products. They have the desired features. Moreover, the shipping fee is cheaper than the one made abroad.

Final thoughts

We hope you like today’s article and it is useful for you. “What are the best lawn mowers made in USA for gardens?” is a difficult question especially with Americans. 

If you have some reviews and questions about your lawnmower, don’t hesitate to share. Your feedback is a valuable resource for us and also the people who want to purchase next. Have a good day!

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