The 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Large Uneven Ground & Uneven Terrain

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Finding the best lawn mowers for large uneven ground is a sublime mission. With it, the ground that has ups and downs can not hamper your work anymore. 

Nevertheless, how well your operation technique is. Driving on an uneven ground is challenging. To deal with the uneven ground, someone decided to reshape the ground. However, it isn’t the best choice. In fact, regenerating the garden’s ground will cost you a big sum of money.

Fortunately, we have a critical remedy for you. Instead of using a normal lawnmower, you can choose a rough ground one. This article will give you some guidance on choosing the best. The lawnmower can work on the uneven ground. Moreover, it is good in general.

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How to choose the best lawn mower for a large uneven ground?

best lawn mowers for large uneven garden

Height changing ability is preferred

In an uneven ground, you can see that the lowest section is sharply lower than the highest one. In this case, to have the best performance, you can adjust the height to the average. 

A multiple height option lawn mower will help the gardening smoother. Although, there are some bumps and rolls. Let’s choose one that has 3 or more height levels. Then you won’t face the bad lawn that has slightly shorter grass.

You should focus on the power source

In the market, you can find various kinds of lawn mowers. However, electricity, battery, and gas are the basic ones. 

Electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly. If you have a lovely small garden, this will be the best choice. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to store. An electric mower costs about $60. It needs a cable to run, so it’s suitable for a large garden.

A battery lawn mower will be a bit convenient. You don’t need a cable to gain the power. Nevertheless, the battery lawn mower is a lot more expensive than an electric one. Besides nickel-cadmium batteries, you can choose lithium-ion batteries. It is not only lighter but also longer.

A gas mower will be the best choice for the large and uneven ground. They are powerful with fast-moving ability. A gas mower will cost about $200 to $550. A gas lawnmower can go farther than a battery one. In other words, a gas lawnmower is preferred.

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Even sized wheels should be consider

With an even wheelset, it is easier for you to drive on uneven ground. A large uneven ground always has dips or bumps. They are the reason why your lawnmower loses its balance.  

Moreover, you should choose wheels that have traction ability. This can help prevent your lawn mower from slipping and sliding. At that time, you can’t drive your lawn mower as you intend.

The big grass box is preferred

The grass box role is collecting the cut grass. If your lawn mower doesn’t have a grass box, you yourself must rake the grass up afterward.

Choosing a big grass box model, you needn’t stop your lawn mower many times to empty the box. The model helps you do the work smoothly. 

Choosing the width blade deck is a should

Because it is a large garden, a wide blade deck is more suitable. The wider the lawn mower blade deck is, the more grass it can cut in one movement. 

The larger cutting width models don’t only save the gasoline but also reduce the working time. Below is the size of the garden and the corresponding cutting width:

  • If the lawn is small, a 30cm blade deck is suitable.
  • If the lawn is small, a 35-40cm blade deck is suitable.
  • If the lawn is small, a 40+ cm blade deck is suitable.

5 best lawn mowers for large uneven ground & uneven terrain

1. Yard Force 120V – A high-tech lawnmower

Yard Force - best lawn mower for large uneven garden

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You can find every kind of modern technology in this lawn mower. In addition, it is known as a monster to the lawn with its 22-inch deck. 

2 pieces of lithium-ion battery power the Yard Force 120V lawn mower. You can run the lawn mower for up to 100 minutes or more without a new charge. With a single battery, the lawnmower can work. As a result, you can run with a battery and charge the other. 

The self-propelled part helps the lawn mower go up to the hills without any effort. This ability will give you a huge advantage if the garden is both hilly and rough. Thanks to this, your lawn mower will never be overloaded. To put it differently, it can help reduce accidents or the risk of damage. 

The grass box is so big that you can save time. You don’t need to empty the bag on a tight timescale. Moreover, it can assure well although the grass is about 95 percent. The taking-off technique is easy. You can even handle it while dumping. 

The lawn mower has a smart sensor. The sensor can determine whether it is thick or high grass. Then the signal is sent to the operator. The operator will increase or decrease the level of power to adapt to a certain status. The sensor helps you cut the wet lawn better. In addition, you can save power.


  • It has long battery life.
  • This is a high-technology lawn mower with a torque-sense sensor.
  • The warranty is long.


  • The switch button may have some delivery problems.
  • The lawnmower is heavy.

What we like

  • The engine is strong.
  • The battery’s run-time is over 100 minutes.
  • It has a fast-charging ability.


Although Yard Force 120V is electric powered, it is as powerful as a gas lawn mower. With the 22-inch deck, you can complete mowing a large area in a short amount of time. The lawn mower doesn’t need any gas or oil. Therefore, you don’t need to do gas or oil maintenance. 

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2. Black and Decker CM1640 – A 6 cutting height cordless mower 

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CM1640 is one of the perfect mowers for a small hill. The range of cutting height adjustment is wide. You can adjust it from 1 inch to 3-inch. One level is 0,5 inches. The lawn mower can work stably with a manicured look on every lawn.

The lawn mower can run from 30 to 40 minutes per charge. The lawn mower battery life is a bit lower than the same size gasoline model. However, the battery life is extended.

The cutting deck width is 16-inch. The lawnmower can go to every area of the lawn, even if it is a narrow pathway. 

The deck is made from heavy-duty plastic. You won’t be annoyed about the undercarriage. In other words, the plastic deck will never stain or rust.


  • Thanks to its small size, CM1640 is compact. 
  • The cutting height is freely adjustable. 
  • Long battery life is a plus. The 40v batteries are made from lithium. There are two pieces of battery in your engine.
  • It’s easy for you to reach the blade deck and clean it.


  • If it is a large lawn, you can’t finish the mowing at one charge.
  • CM1640 doesn’t have the self-propelled ability.

What we like 

  • The handles have the folding ability. It is maneuverable.
  • It is one of the most smooth lawnmowers, thanks to 6 cutting levels.
  • The deck construction is made from stainless material.


Best lawn mower for a large uneven ground CM1640 is a reasonable one for an uneven ground that has narrow areas along pathways. Moreover, thanks to the small size, you can store it in any size shed or garage.

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3. Greenworks 25142 – A battery self-propelled mower

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Greenworks 25142 is outstanding for the heft. Although it is a battery-powered model, all parts are designed for adapting hard work. The deck is made from rugged steel. Moreover, the cutting width is 21-inch. Besides, a self-propelled ability is a plus. All of them are what you need to work on a large uneven ground.

Greenworks 25142 is designed with an easy-to-use start feature. You will never meet any hassle when starting the engine.

Moreover, in the battery section, you can find a USB port. With this, you can charge your phones or any kind of portable device. 


  • Have self-propelled ability.
  • The lawnmower’s deck is a durable model.
  • The cutting width is 1/2 acre.
  • You can upgrade the battery thanks to the extra battery compartment.
  • You can easily start the engine with a switch button.


  • You can’t adjust the lawnmower height.
  • The lawn mower just serves you with manual power.

What we like

  • The wheels have the self-propelled ability that helps stabilize your lawn mower. 
  • The lawn mower adapts a dual-mission. First, it cut the lawn. Then it collects the cut material thanks to the combo mulches and bags.
  • The battery compartment increases the level of power. You can cut the grass thoroughly with any stop to charge the battery.
  • Charging your phone is possible thanks to the USB charging port.
  • The battery is easy to find, easy to buy and replace. This is a 40 volt, 6 AH battery.


With a 16-inch blade deck, Greenworks 25142 is one of the best for 4,000 square feet or smaller. It can cut 2.5 inches of grass easily.

Moreover, the brushless, high-torque motor works quietly. This is the reason why Greenworks 25142 has a long lifespan.

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4. LawnMaster MEB1014K – A powerful electric lawn mower

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LawnMaster MEB1014K is a corded electric lawn mower. Indeed, you can use the 120V extension cord to run it. 

There are 3 options for cutting deck width. They are 15-inches, 16-inches, and 19-inches. All of them can connect to a 12AMP motor.

You can adjust the cutting height as well. You yourself can change the height in a single motion. The adjustment doesn’t take time. Therefore, if the grass is tall, don’t hesitate to tackle taller. High deck level also helps you move on uneven terrain without any difficulty.

You can also adjust the handle of this best lawn mower for a large uneven ground. Different size operators are a great ability of all of your family members to join the gardening.


  • The grass bag size is 7-gallon. You can cut a small lawn without changing the new one.
  • It is light. The total weight is 28 lbs.
  • The engine is built with a 3300 RPM motor.
  • The cutting height range is from 1-3 inches. Moreover, it is easy for you to adjust.
  • It is a compact lawn mower.


Because it is an electric lawn mower, the working area is limited.

What we like

  • The handle and the cutting height are adjustable. Moreover, you can easily do this with one hand.
  • The LawnMaster MEB1014K is a combat model.
  • You can store the lawnmower in every kind of garage.


If you have good electrical systems, LawnMaster MEB1014K can help you mow the large garden tidily. The lawn mower is a sensible choice for people who have experience working with a lawn mower. 

Moreover, thanks to the impact-resistant and rust-resistant system, you needn’t have regular maintenance. The lawnmower doesn’t need oil to run. As a result, you can save on operating expenses.

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5. Troy Bilt 21-Inch – High-clearance basic gas mower

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This lawn mower has 159cc gas. This is the frequent choice for tall weeds and hilly ground. With a full fuel tank, the lawn mower can run for over 100 minutes. 

With a 21-inch blade deck, you can mow your lawn fast and effectively. The high clearance helps you keep the balance when going through rough or uneven ground. Moreover, the lawn mower won’t be overloaded when cutting thick and tall grass.


  • It is a high clearance design.
  • With the rake bumper, the lawnmower cut better.
  • The cutting deck is 21-inch.


  • It doesn’t have a self-propelled technique.
  • It will discharge a lot of gas fumes.

What we like

  • The run-time is long.
  • The performance is exceptional.
  • The clearance deck is high.


The Troy Bilt lawn mower is 66 lbs. It will be a good choice if you have a big yard or a large garage. As another gas lawnmower, you need oil and gasoline to run the engine. Indeed, the lawnmower is muscle power.

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How we rank 5 best lawn mowers for big uneven lawn & uneven yard

Working quietly is preferred

In the best lawn mowers for the large uneven grounds, there are many battery lawn mowers. The reason is that the battery and the corded model will work more quietly. In fact, they will work with just a little shaking. 

High-tech lawn mower will be consider

These lawn mowers don’t only work effectively but also help save energy. Moreover, it won’t take you too much time to do the maintenance.

The working efficiency of the lawn mower is preferred

On the list, you also can find some medium deck lawn mowers. Although all of us know that you can cut faster with a big one, the model that we recommend can finish the task at the same time with a big deck one. 

A smart or convenient design is better

All the lawn mowers on the list are easy to use, maintain, and repair. Moreover, you yourself can solve the problem. 

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Final thoughts

A smart man will find the best solution to finish a difficult task. With a lawn mower that is specially designed for rough terrain, you can mow smoothly and effectively.

Nowadays, battery lawnmowers seem to be the new future. It isn’t only eco-friendly but also powerful. 

It is our pleasure if the article is useful for you. Let’s check the list and have your best lawn mower for a large uneven ground.