Best Cordless Lawn Mowers: Top 7 Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers 2022

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The best cordless lawn mowers can break down the tiredness of gardening. Therefore, it is a suitable time to go shopping. The given items will join hands with you to maintain the garden not only in the first spring but also the whole year. The important thing is that cordless mowers are especially suitable for small and medium gardens. For an extra-large garden, you should consider a gas mower.

There are tons of reasons to explain why a person loves cordless mowers. It is far safer compared with a 240-volt corded mower. Moreover, the blade cut is tidy and effective, thanks to the fast spinning. Next, the eco-friendly and compactness are what the gardener in the cities is looking for. The cordless lawn mower mows quietly, so you won’t have any trouble with your neighbor.

There is a huge quantity of lawn mowers. To release the list, we have tested various brands in the market. The article is written in a good outline with clear information about the products, pros, and cons. Now, let’s go through our recommendations and choose your best.

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How to choose the best cordless lawn mower for grass cutting?

How to choose the best cordless lawn mower

In this part, we will look at some of the essential considerations that will help you to come up with the right choice. By keeping these things in mind, there is a higher likelihood that you will make a decision that you won’t regret and that will be able to choose a model that can provide the best bang for the buck.


The cordless mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries, which make it the most important factor to consider. It is important to choose a powerful battery, which means that it has a quick charging time, and more importantly, it must be able to withstand long-term use. Generally speaking, the following are the most common types of batteries used in cordless lawn mowers:

  • Nickel Cadmium: This is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that can prove to be budget-friendly. However, one of the problems with this battery is that you need to make sure that it is fully drained before being recharged. Otherwise, power density can be affected.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride: This is one of the oldest types of batteries. It has acceptable power density and can be environment-friendly. There were some, however, who complained that it can be quickly discharged.
  • Lead Acid: It is another option that can be excellent for budget-conscious buyers. It can be a good choice because it can hold charge for an extended period. For high-power applications, however, they may be unsuitable.
  • Lithium Ion: The capacity and energy discharge of this battery for cordless lawn mowers are among the things that make it impressive. However, a lot of people noted that there can be safety issues.


The power of the cordless lawn mower will largely depend on the quality of the engine. The motor is the one that provides the power that is needed by the lawn mower to function. Most of the engines can be from 140 to 190 cc. The higher the value is, the more powerful the mower can prove to be. If you have a large lawn and if you will be using the mower frequently, a more powerful engine is going to be required. Keep in mind, however, that the engine will also affect the price of the product.

Height Adjustment

If you are looking for the best lawn mower, you should take a look at versatility. This means that it must be able to perform well regardless of how short or tall the grass can prove to be. Choose a model that can easily tackle even the toughest and thickest grass. Many models have height that can be adjusted in up to six different settings. With this, it will be possible to have it easily matched to the intended application.

Quality of the Wheels

One of the most important parts of a cordless lawn mower would be the wheels. You should see to it that it is made from premium materials, which will be tantamount to durability. It should be easy to maneuver, which will make its operations effortless on your end. It must also have excellent traction on the ground. Both the rear and front wheels must have superior quality.

Width of Deck

A lot of people will most probably not pay attention to this technical specification. If you want to be tech-savvy and to be confident of making the right choice, make sure that it has a wide deck. Generally, this can be 20 to 24 inches, depending on the model that will be chosen. With a wider deck, it simply means that there will be a wider coverage in one pass.

Ease of Use

best cordless lawn mowers

A lot of people are not interested in mowing their own backyard because of the assertion that it is going to be a complicated task. Yes, the latter can indeed be true, but this is only the case if you choose the wrong model. Make sure to choose a cordless lawn mower that is user-friendly. The model should be lightweight, which will make it effortless for you to mow even on a large area. It will also be good if it comes with an adjustable handle, which will allow you to customize its height depending on what you find to be most comfortable.


Cordless lawn mowers can be functional for many years. Nonetheless, for such to be possible, you must exert an effort to extend its lifespan. Regular maintenance is going to be necessary. Pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer to have an idea on what you can do to have it properly maintained. When it is not being used, make sure that it is properly stored in an area where it will not attract dirt and dust. Proper charging and discharging of the batteries will also prove to be critical.


If the manufacturer is confident about the quality and functionality of their products, they will not be hesitant to offer a comprehensive warranty coverage. Within the warranty period, you will be able to have the cordless lawn mower returned to the manufacturer once it experiences defects. As long as it is not a result of your negligence, they can have it repaired for free. Read the terms and conditions so that the warranty will not be voided.

Feedback from Other Users

Before making a final choice, you should take time to consult with what other people have to say. The most convenient way of doing this would be through reading online reviews. Many users have been generous enough to share their views. You can also consider asking around from people you personally know. Through their experiences, you will be able to easily weigh the pros and cons of the alternatives that will confront you.


There are two types of buyers of cordless lawn mowers. The first are the ones who are budget-conscious. They generally make a choice on the basis of price and they tend to choose cheap models. There are also those who do not care about how much they spend. For these people, quality is more important. Definitely, it will be better if you belong to the latter. Your cordless lawn mower should be seen as an investment.

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The 7 Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

1. Kärcher LMO 33 cm 2-in-1 Mulching Lawn Mower

best cordless lawn mower

Check Price On Amazon

This mower performance is of exceptional quality. You can easily manoeuvre every type of landscape. Kärcher LMO lawn mower is worth to be in the list because of its good ratio of price and quality. There are some features that you can’t find at any mower in the same price range:

  • Friendly handlebar interface that gives you a big comfort when operating.
  • It’s simple to change the cutting height.
  • The motor is suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • The battery life is enough for you to mow a small garden in just one charge.

In the first look, you can see that Kärcher LMO is pretty cute. Although the mechanism of this mower is tightened by a system of nuts, it is actually sturdy. There are four levels of cutting height. Thanks to this, you can adjust the height to the proper level belonging to the type of grass. The smart handlebar that has folding ability helps save storage space.

In addition, this mower has an LCD screen. The screen will show you the battery status, so you can know the time that you should have a charge. After doing some battery life checks, it tells us that the battery life is 40 minutes. The battery is enough for 4 mowing sessions. However, you should notice that it needs 2 hours to charge fully.

This is the best cordless lawn mower for the person who has a small to medium yard. The mower is cheap, but the performance is efficient. 


  • Long life battery.
  • Mulching and grass bags are available.
  • Small and space-saving.


  • The engine needs a push to engage.


Mower type Cordless mower
Power level 18V
Power Source Battery, 40 mins battery life
Cutting width 33cm
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 35mm to 65mm)
Weight 11.3kgs

2. Cobra MX3440V 13 inches Lithium-ion battery-powered  Lawn Mower

Check Price On Amazon

Cobra MX3440V is the perfect battery powered mower for a little garden. It’s light and small. Then a person can easily move it. The brushed motor work will give you a big impression. It is easily maneuvering through the long damp lawn. There are five levels of cutting heights. Moreover, you can simply adjust the height by a lever. The lawnmower is of great value. 


  • Maneuver effectively.
  • Cutting fast and clean.
  • It works without loading noise.


  • It isn’t one of the best for large gardens.


Mower type Cordless mower
Power level 40V
Power Source Battery, run time is 30 minutes
Cutting width 34cm
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 25mm to 75mm)
Weight 16.3kgs

3. GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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The powerful motor of this cordless electric lawn mower is one of its most impressive features. It is powered by a G-Max 40-volt battery, which is perhaps one of the reasons for its reliability. The 2A battery can be used for 60 minutes. Meanwhile, the 4A batteries can be used for 120 minutes.

The Smart Cut Technology is another great thing about this tool. With the latter, the power of the blades can be adjusted based on the thickness of the grass that is being mowed. It does not matter if the grass is short or thick. You can expect the unit to deliver dependable performance.

Compared to Cordless mowers, this model is asserted to be 41% lighter. The main benefit of the latter is that it is going to be effortless to maneuver. Even if you will be mowing a large yard, it should not be a problem and you will never have to complain of discomfort.

The maintenance-free design of this model has also been loved by many. Through the years, even with frequent use, you can expect its quality to be impressive.

Lastly, it should also be noted that it has various height adjustments, which can be modified into six different settings. Read more reviews


  • Lightweight
  • Extended running time


  • Poor quality rubber grip
  • A bit expensive


Mower type Cordless mower
Power level 40V Battery Power
Power Source Battery
Cutting width 20 Inches
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 1-3/4 inches to 3-3/8 inches)
Weight 42.5 Pounds


4. Black & Decker CM1836 18-inch 36-volt Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower

Check Price On Amazon

Have you ever used a lawn mower in the past and you ended up being annoyed because of the loud noise that is produced while being operated? If yes, this can prove to be the perfect alternative. It is made in such a way that it can deliver the power that is required while still being quiet.

The one-touch height adjustment of this cordless electric mower is one of its most impressive features. This means that it will be quick and effortless for you to modify the cutting height on all of its four wheels.

If you have limited space in the garage or storage room, this is also going to be an excellent pick. It is foldable and can be stored in an upright position, making it space-efficient.

Taking a look at the reviews of other users, one that is often given words of praises is the fact that it is a self-propelled lawn mower. The latter will make mowing an easier task.

This model is made by Black & Decker, one of the most trusted names within the product category. This can already provide you with more than enough reason to have it considered above all others.


  • Easy start
  • Operates quietly


  • Heavy battery
  • Power may be insufficient for thick grass


Mower type Cordless mower
Power Source 36V battery
Cutting width 18 Inches
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches)
Weight 75 Pounds

Read more reviews

5. EGO Power+ 20-inch 56-volt Electric Lawn Mower – Best electric lawn mowers EGO Power+ LM2020SP 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Brushless Walk Behind Steel Deck Self-Propelled Lawn Mower - Battery and Charger Not Included : Everything Else

Check Price On Amazon

This product is expensive, but there is a reason for this. It is a high-end cordless lawn mower that is filled with premium features that you cannot find in other products within the competition. The weather-resistant construction is one of the best things about this model, which contributes to its long-lasting functionality.

It is also equipped with LED headlights, one thing that is not often found in other models within the competitive landscape. With this, it will be possible for you to mow even at night.

It also has an excellent battery. A lot of users were happy that the run time is longer than the duration that will be required to have it charged.

When it comes to being user-friendly, this is also a winner. It has a push-button start, which means that there is no need to pull a string to initiate its operations.

If you are looking for versatility, this can also be an excellent choice, basically because it offers five height adjustments. The height can be customized from 1.2 to 3.5 inches. Given the fact that this is a high-end model, however, some people think that the height adjustments are few. Read more reviews


  • Has LED headlight
  • Battery charges quickly


  • Expensive
  • Minimal height adjustments


Mower type Cordless mower
Power Source 56-Volt Lithium-ion
Cutting width 20 Inches
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 1.5 inches to 4 inches)
Weight 65.3 Pounds


6. Black & Decker CM2040 Lithium 3-in-1 Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Check Price On Amazon

As it is made by a trusted brand, you can be confident that this is indeed one of the best options that you will ever find. One of the reasons for the latter is the 20-inch cutting width, which will allow you to do more within a shorter span of time.

The AutoSense Technology is one of its most impressive features. With the latter, it functions as if it has a mind of its own. It adjusts power accordingly, depending on the thickness of the grass. This is unlike in the case of other models wherein such adjustments should be done manually.

It is also a good thing that it can offer flexibility. Regardless of the height of the grass that needs to be trimmed, this model can prove to be functional. You can adjust it on six different heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. It is also worth noting that it can effortlessly cut all types of grass.

If you are looking for a cordless lawn mower under 300, this is not the right choice as it is more expensive. Does it mean that you should not purchase it? Definitely not! Take a look at its features. They are impressive. For sure, you won’t mind spending a lot for it.


  • Wide cutting path
  • Large collection bag


  • Undersized battery
  • Flimsy handle


Mower type Cordless mower
Power Source 40V Lithium
Cutting width 20 Inches
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 1.5 inches to 4 inches)
Weight 55 Pounds

Read more reviews

7. GreenWorks GLM 801600 80V 21-inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Check Price On Amazon

This may not be the cheapest option that you will find, but it can be impressive in ways more than one. It is well-loved by many users because of its long battery life. It uses a 4Ah battery, which should be purchased separately. When it is fully charged, it can withstand up to one hour of use.

The Smart Cut Technology is another feature that gives it a distinct appeal above the competition. With the latter, you can expect its optimal performance, although some noted that it is quite dismal when it comes to dealing with tall grass.

This cordless lawn mower is designed with the needs of users in mind. It has a push-button start, which is one of the reasons why it is ranked by many as being exceptional when it comes to convenience. It also produces minimal vibration and low noise. The best thing is that it is friendly for the environment as there are no fumes produced in its operations.

Lastly, it comes with a brushless motor. This is better than the standard motors found in gas powered lawn mowers.


  • User-friendly
  • Long battery life


  • Less accurate when cutting tall grass
  • No battery and charger included


Mower type Cordless mower
Power Source Battery Powered
Cutting width 21 Inches
Adjustable cutting height YES (From 1.38 inches to 4 inches)
Weight 57 Pounds

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FAQs on best battery-powered lawn mowers

1. Which type of maintenance should I do for a cordless lawnmower?

Lawn Mowers & Accessories | WORX

  • Clean the housing and the blades. Remove all the clippings that stick to the blades.
  • Do the lubricant for metal parts of the wheels.
  • Check the vibration. Make sure that every species of nuts is tightened.
  • Keep the blades sharp. Apply the lubricant liquid to the blades to protect them from rust.
  • Clean the battery compartments with a blanket or an air compressor.

2. Why can’t I start my cordless lawn mower?

  • The cable connection is broken.
  • The vents stuck.
  • The start button is broken.
  • The engine is disengaged.

3. How can I say a cordless lawn mower is expensive?

The cheap cordless lawn mower is at the price range from £200 to £350. The mid-range is from £400 to £550. To buy a high-class cordless lawnmower, you will pay an expense that is above £550 and under £950. 

4. Is a small size cordless mower or a big size one better?

It depends. Each kind of cordless mower has its pros and cons. The key for you is choosing the lawn mower based on the size of the garden.

Final Thoughts

We listed the above best cordless lawn mowers after considering all facts of a mower. They are the ratio of price and quality, the battery run time, and the deck width. We only choose the items that are rated 4 stars or above. 

The cordless mower’s battery life range is from 25 to 60 minutes. The run time is enough for most gardens in the US. With a cordless mower, you can even tackle the overgrown grass. Adjusting the deck at a high level will help you solve the problem easily. Investing in a cordless lawn mower is the right choice. It is environmentally friendly and trending.