The 10 Best Brands Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower On The Market

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If you are finding a good self-propelled lawn mower for your garden but do not know what brand is the best for this type of product. You are in the right place, this article The 10 best brands of self-propelled lawn mower on the market will let you know What brand to buy. Now, let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Brands of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

1. Greenworks

Best Brands Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

GreenWorks is the manufacturer that deals primarily with electric, cordless, and man-powered lawn mowers. The company does not produce gas lawn mowers that emit oily fumes that pollute the environment. If you are going to choose GreenWorks, do not wait to find a gas lawn mower in its production line. Expect to find electric lawn mowers: corded and cordless electric mowers.

The corded type is plugged into an electric socket while the cordless ones use a rechargeable battery.  Another GreenWorks lawn mower you are going to find is a push mower. This type of mower does not use electric power; it uses your own physical strength. You push it across the lawn without worrying about sensitive engine parts or the length of an electric cable. Push mowers are the simplest machines you can find today and they are so easy to run and maintain.

They are not for the less athletically inclined people though, as manpower is the driving force.  If you do not wish to get tired, try GreenWorks cordless or corded (electric) designs. GreenWorks lawn mowing machines are very classy, affordable, durable, and reliable. They feature the best craftsmanship, explaining why they contain a number of usable components. New and re-conditioned mowers are sold.

2. Husqvarna

Husqvarna sells many different products under various brands. Husqvarna lawn mowers are some of the most popular products sold on various websites. It is an internationally known brand with a strict Code of Conduct. Husqvarna is an ethical brand that owns so many mowing machines. Some of the best mowers in 2022 are from this Group of companies. The brand gives you every type of lawn mower that exists: gas, electric, and reel. Its machines are equipped with the most powerful wheels and wide cutting decks. Additionally, Husqvarna mowing machines offer easily adjustable height positions, allowing the user to mow up to the height they like. Gas items use engines from well-renowned brands and they are designed to start with the first or second pull. Electric versions are the easiest to start and use and they either use rechargeable batteries or direct electric current from a socket.

Being a globally known brand, Husqvarna is continually reviewed and rated online. There are so many reviews about its products, including the hottest for 2022. So it makes sense to first read the review of every product you intend to buy from them.  Most of the brand’s lawn mowers have earned the highest ratings on big action websites.

3. Black & Decker

Black & Decker is not a new name to some of you. It is a company that has continued to be steadfast in its quest to meet the needs of the customer. Black & Decker is one of the oldest and most reliable lawn mower producers. Since launching its small shop in Baltimore, the company has blossomed in the largest machine manufacturer in the country.

It is among the most dependable lawn mower producers that release very good electrical mowers. Quality, originality and value come first when each of these mowers are being constructed. Black & Decker electrical mowing equipment does not release any emissions that could pollute your environment or disturb your neighbors.

These self-propelled mowers have self-propel technology that lets them slither smoothly and easily across the yard.  Minimal effort is only required when you are directing the mower. Electric versions that use a removable battery are usually equipped with a 36 Volts battery that keeps the charge. When it comes to the cutting deck and blades, Black & Deck is always known to provide the sharpest blades and the widest decks.

They cut grass instantly, reducing the time you need to cruise over a third-acre piece of land. Each of the self-propelled lawn mowers in its product line comes with one-touch height adjusters that allow the user to cut at the desired height.

4. Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a popular lawnmower producer and has a wide variety of top 2022 mowers.  Its mowers are usually compact and lightweight and so they are easy to push, drive or store. Most of the Sun Joe machines are ideal for tight spaces or yards that have obstacles. They are designed to crawl over all terrains after being turned on.

The company pays attention to the wheel design, making them compatible for difficult and easy terrains. All mowers start instantly, especially the electric ones, saving your time while enjoying every minute of mowing your lawn. Some of the company’s lawn mowers have narrower cutting decks, including the Sun Joe MJ401E which boasts a 14-inch deck.

Others have wider cutting paths and they are suitable for all yard sizes. The small-decked mower is ideal for small yards. Do not worry about maintaining your grass at a certain height. San Joe mowing machine offers different manual height adjusters including the 3-position adjuster that adjusts height from 1.18 inches to 2.53 inches.

Another great feature that is never missed in Sun Joe products is the 3-in-1 grass clippings management system. Others offer just one or two grass clipping systems. The company provides a wide assortment of products.

5. Poulan Pro

The Poulan Pro product lines were launched in 1944. It has been producing lawn mower products that people have been unable to stay away from.  The company owns riding mowers, push mowers and other power tools that are useful to homeowners. Its mowing machines use either the four-cycle or two-cycle engines from the best engine manufacturers.

Some of the best picks for 2022 include Poulan Pro PR500N21SH and Poulan Pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP.  The latter uses the PowerMore engine while the former use Briggs and Stratton engine. Poulan Pro 961420127 boasts wide wheels, wide steel decks, and height adjusters for easier mobility and good performance. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH has larger rear wheels and a robust front-wheel drive.

It also offers a dependable height adjuster system, a wider deck, and the popular 3-in-1 mulching, rear bagging, and side discharging system. Poulan tools are absolutely reliable and can let you prettify your lawn in no time at all. Another thing about this brand is that it sells affordable and dependable products. Most of its products are affordable yet have great quality. Very few brands are able to offer competitive prices and good quality products at the same time. Poulan does it so well.

6. Scotts

Scotts is a very renowned lawn mower producer. It boasts plenty of products including the Scotts 2000 classic push reel mower. This specific mower is among our top 2022 selections, making Scotts one of our favorite lawn mower producers.  The company has several models and some are electric, gas-powered, or manual reel push mowers. One of the things we love about Scotts is the fact that all its products have perfect and usable features. First, we love the wider decks seen on most of Scotts mowing machines.

A wide deck ensures that you cut a broader path with each pass, saving your time and energy. The quick-snap height adjuster system is also a nice component found in all Scott’s mowers. It lets you adjust and pick the correct height for your turf.  Some equipment gives you up to nine different positions, giving you instant control.

The dual wheel tracking and precision blade technology are also common and special components in some of the best mowers from Scotts.  If you are looking for the best reel push mowers, electric, and gas, try your search at their website. For sure most of their mowers are quoted as the best this year and you need to know what they are.

7. Lawn-Boy

Lawn-Boy has been making top-quality, unrivaled lawn mowers since 1904. It has achieved a lot of milestones in the course of the twentieth century and the current one. Lawn Boy lawn mowers are consistently posted on blogs, forums, auction sites, and other types of websites. They are so popular because of the long history the company boasts.

People tend to trust a company like Lawn-Boy as it has survived highs and lows in the business world, and has known the needs of its customers and how to offer just that. Lawn Boy lawn mowers are among the top you can buy in 2022. We specifically like the Lawn Boy 17732 model and we recommend it to anyone who wants a great mowing machine this year.  Some Lawn-Boy products use Kohler engines, including the 17732 mower that uses the Kohler XT6 OHV engine.

This is a powerful Carb Compliant engine that has endless mowing power. The Tri-cutter system is also a special feature in Lawn Boy products consisting of perfect mulching options and quality cuts. The company produces mowers that start on the first pull, and this is exactly what most lawn mowers want. Its mowers are power machines that crawl over different terrains with ease.

8. Toro

Toro is among the oldest lawn mower manufacturers. Started about 101 years ago, Toro has grown into a huge company with plenty of machines for professional contractors, governments, sports fields and municipalities, and homeowners among others. Having stood the tests of time, Toro is one of the most trustworthy and genuine lawn mower sellers out there.

There is no single reason why one would fear buying Toro’s best mowers for 2022. In addition to top-quality features, Toro products come with warranties. This is to ensure that the customers are able to return their products for free repair in case they develop a technical hitch. Because of the way the company pays attention to detail when designing and manufacturing products, most of its products are very durable.

They also do not develop technical faults too soon and as long as they are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions they can keep being useful for several years. Toro is a very dependable lawn mower provider that gives you stand-on mowers, mid-size walk-behind mowers, commercial walk-behind mowers, and Z Master® Zero turn mowers. Each of these categories has so many mowers and some of these are appearing in a few lists of top 2022 lawn mowers.


WORX perfection cannot be disputed. Its lawn mowers are appearing in the top 2022 lawn mowers lists because it deserves it. WORX has many different types of lawn mowers and most have the priceless collapsible handle that makes storage many times easier. Whether you want the classic push mower with modern features, WORX has great cordless designs to give you.

If you are sick of pull-cord mowers, look for a suitable WORX cordless lawn mower. It starts the first time you try and all you have to do is to pull a lever.  And what is even more amazing is the fact that the mower is lightweight and compact, allowing the mower to cut grass that is hidden in tight spaces and along the edges. You cannot go wrong with the WORX WG788. This model is very good and we know this because we have tested it.

WORX WG788 is among the top products for this year and it uses a removable battery. Any product that the company has in its collection has its own pros and cons. But the pros tend to overpower the pros regardless of the model in question. So keep WORX in mind if you are searching for an appropriate self-propelled mower for your yard.

10. Fiskars

Fiskars is probably the oldest lawn mower manufacturer you will come across. Created in 1649, the company has more than three centuries’ worth of experience. One can only expect the best from such a long-standing manufacturing company and this can help explain why its products are always among the top lawn mowers every year. Fiskars is among the top producers of lawn mowers in 2022 and has so many products in its product line.

The company puts each item through rigorous testing and engineering as at the end of the day it has to solve a problem and improve the potential buyer’s home. Fiskars has some of the most innovative push reel mowers. When people hear the term reel mowers they always remember the less flexible classic mowers. Fiskars has endured ups and downs to reach its current level.

So it is fully aware of what makes the best push reel mowers.  Its modern reel mower boasts plenty of up-to-date components that make mowing jobs much more enjoyable.  If you do not mind a little bit of hard work and exercise, try getting a product from Fiskars today. Most of its products are all the rage this year and this is simply because they are perfect.

Final thoughts

If you have been looking for a list of the best brands of self-propelled lawn mower brands in 2022, we have provided one as shown above. Now it is your turn to investigate each company and pick one of the leading lawn mowers it has this year.