How to change a spark plug on a lawn mower?

changing spark plug on lawn mower

When it comes to changing the spark plug on the lawnmower, there are components that you must prepare beforehand. One of them is the spark plug which is readily available in hardware stores, home improvement centers, auto parts stores, lawn mower repair shops, agricultural supply stores or buy a spark plug on Amazon. Another component

How to fix a self propelled lawn mower?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are machines that have a lot of advanced technologies applied to enhance the customer experience. Therefore, it is inevitable that the machine will fail after being used for a while. This is definitely a big deal for first-time self-propelled lawnmowers. So how are we going to solve this problem? Let’s find out

Sharpening reel mower blades: How to do it in the right way?

Sharpening reel mower blades 3

Up to now, sharpening the blade of a lawn mower has always been quite a difficult task. This is a job that requires concentration, ingenuity, and a bit of knowledge about lawn mowers. In today’s article, we will give you some information about lawn mowers to help you have more knowledge about this product. So

5 Practical tips for gas lawn mower maintenance (best for users)

gas lawn mower maintenance 4

Lawn mower maintenance is always an extremely important factor. Because it will make a great contribution to helping our machine always be in the best state. Regular maintenance also helps ensure the longest possible life of your lawn mower (approximately 10-15 years maybe more). Especially for gas-powered lawn mowers, maintenance is an indispensable factor. With

How to keep a self-propelled lawn mower running properly?

How to keep a self-propelled lawn mower running properly 2

The self-propelled lawn mower is a product line with a very large capacity. But it also cannot avoid unexpected failures or incidents. Therefore, in order to keep a self-propelled lawn mower running properly, we need to have an understanding of this product line. For those who do not know, let’s learn it through the steps

How to change drive belt on Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower?

Troy Bilt is a big brand of lawnmowers in the market. As you know, Troy Bilt has many highly durable professional riding lawn mowers such as Troy Bilt 540cc Briggs &Stratton. Because of this, it is undeniably the most well-known brand of mower. Bronco is an appreciated product of the Troy Bilt brand. Despite having

What are the best lawn mowers made in USA? Top 7 American made

A new lawnmower is an important investment. With Americans, there are many options for buyers when choosing a lawnmower from brands in the United States. There are different types of lawnmowers on the US market, a purchase without research and professional advisory will not give you the desired mower. Maybe that mower does not fit

Lawn mower backfires when shutting off: 2 Common reasons and solutions

How to fix lawn mower backfire when shutting off?

Sometimes, when you shut off your lawn mower you will encounter backfires or more accurately after fire. ‘Backfires‘ is understood as the condition of the mower’s engine making a loud noise, exploding during or after shutting down. Almost backfires happen while shutting down the machine. After fire occurs when the engine has been shut off.

Why lawn mower dies when choke off? How to fix this issue?

Why does the lawn mower die when choke off?

Have you ever encountered some problems with your lawnmower? Which one makes you feel the most uncomfortable? I think this is because the lawnmower died suddenly or it can start to mow. There are lots of reasons Why a lawnmower won’t start. The most common condition that you may encounter is your mower starts then

Why my lawn mower loses power when blades engaged? 3 Effective methods to fix this issue

The lawnmower is a necessary item to beautify your land. Using this device is not hard. But if you are a beginner, you may have some problems while using it. You need to study the manual which comes with the mower and find how this machine works.  There are many types of lawnmowers in the

How to tell if lawn mower crankshaft is bent? Common symptoms with solutions

How to tell if lawn mower crankshaft is bent?

While using the lawnmower, you will face some problems with this machine. In the previous article, we mentioned fixing plastic gas tanks in the lawn mower.  Today, we will talk about a new issue that is lawn mower crankshaft. If you’ve used a mower, you may have had this problem. And many users don’t know